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Apple iPad Pro 2020 is confirmed to be a renowned A12Z with one or more GPU core

The recent rumors of the Apple iPad Pro 2020 caused a sensation but it was probably the Magic Keyboard with Trackpad that captured the scene. It is no coincidence that the commercials on the product are largely focused precisely on the use of computers.

The new iPad Pro stands out only from its back, where there is a double chamber with a square protrusion similar to that of the iPhone 11. Inside the changes there are, starting with the SoC A12Z Bionic, a new range of processors that Apple incorporates an 8-core graphics processor, which brings with it a more powerful Octa-core GPU compared to the A12X.

A12Z will not be an A13X but is preparing to set a new record for the entire sector

6GB of RAM

The first feature does not need clarification and is clearly very welcome to make the user experience more fluid, in multitasking as in more complex operations. Note that in the 1TB version of the iPad Pro 2018 the 6GB were already present, while all the other models had 4GB.

Ultra-wideband U1 chip

The ultra-wideband chip was first introduced with the iPhone 11, but at the moment its use in the field is very small and this is probably why Apple has not mentioned it. Its effects are rarely noticed, just with AirDrop an indication of the direction in which another device equipped with Apple U1 should appear. The problem is that the real use of this device, capable of relating to others like it in space, will be seen when there are many around. So, we will have to get used to seeing it appear passively in the product data sheets so that when the first concrete applications arrive these will already be operational with the devices that we have in our hands for years.

IPad Pro 2020 camera

The new Apple iPad Pro 2020, integrates a rear module consisting of two cameras: 10 mpx ultra wide angle and 12 mpx wide angle , with which we can record spectacular videos and photos. The set of two cameras of the iPad Pro allows us to take photos and record videos in 4K quality. The front camera of the iPad Pro does not offer us any notable news compared to the previous model, since it is also compatible with Face ID, Apple’s facial recognition system.

Augmented reality on iPad Pro 2020

In the same module where the cameras are located, there is also a sensor in LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) a sensor that allows determining the distance by measuring the time it takes for a light beam to reach an object and reflect it back to the sensor. This sensor works hand in hand with cameras, motion sensors and the operating system to measure depth, making the iPad Pro an ideal device for augmented reality.

Apple A13 present in the iPhone 11 basically maintains the same architecture but is lower in computing power than the "old" A12X

The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro with trackpad should also be compatible with the 2018 iPad Pro. The old Smart Keyboard Folio cannot be used on the new iPad Pro 2020, which requires the second generation. Instead, the 2nd generation Apple Pencil remains the same.

What else changes

Considering also these two additions, the iPad Pro 2020 differs from the previous model in the following characteristics:

  1. SoC A12Z (instead of the A12X)
  2. Base model capacity 128GB (instead of 64GB)
  3. 6GB of RAM for all models
  4. Ultra-wide 10MP camera (previously absent)
  5. LiDAR scanner for augmented reality
  6. Ultra-wideband U1 chip
  7. Wi-Fi 6

Prices of iPad Pro 2020

The starting prices of the Apple iPad Pro 2020 are the same as the previous generation, the only thing that changes is the storage space, which this time starts from 128 GB instead of 64 GB from the previous generation.

  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi 128 GB of storage: 879 euros.
  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi 256 GB of storage: 989 euros.
  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi 512 GB of storage: 1,209 euros.
  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi 1 TB storage: 1,429 euros.
  • iPad Pro 11-inch WiFi + LTE 128 GB of storage: 1,049 euros.
  • iPad Pro 11-inch WiFi + LTE 256 GB of storage: 1,159 euros.
  • iPad Pro 11-inch WiFi + LTE 512 GB of storage: 1,379 euros.
  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi + LTE 1TB of storage: 1,599 euros.


  1. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi 128 GB of storage: 1,099 euros.
  2. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi 256 GB of storage: 1,209 euros.
  3. 12.9-inch iPad Pro WiFi 512 GB of storage: 1,429 euros.
  4. 12.9-inch iPad Pro WiFi 1 TB of storage: 1,649 euros.
  5. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi + LTE 128 GB of storage: 1,269 euros.
  6. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi + LTE 256 GB of storage: 1,379 euros.
  7. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi + LTE 512 GB of storage: 1,599 euros.
  8. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi + LTE 1TB of storage: 1,819 euros.
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Apple’s 5G modems could be manufactured by Qualcomm

Apple is one of the largest companies currently in terms of smartphones and because of this makes us put our eyes on anything that comes to light. The current problem for the company is that we all think that both Samsung and Huawei have started to take the lead in terms of innovation that is phone with 5G modems.

Proof of this is that a few days ago it was learned that Apple had not secured the provider that would be responsible for manufacturing the modems related to the new 5G network, which did not look good at all because Apple can not afford to arrive so late to this tendency being a company of such caliber.

5G technology is practically here as we saw in the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona

It was known that Intel would be in charge of the work, but recently they said they could not deliver on time by the middle of this year. Now the option by which to opt, according to the Nikkei medium , is the use of Snapdragon X50 modems. This is very interesting because as you know, Apple and Qualcomm were immersed in legal disputes due to patent violations.

Now that the demand is resolved and with a payment by Apple of 7.5 billion dollars for royalties to Qualcomm , they would be ready to include 5G technology in the new iPhone, although these would arrive until 2020 due to lack of time.

What do you think about this move from Apple? Do you think it will be too late for the 5G network? I think it will not affect you too much since it will come at a point where this type of network will be mostly established in various regions of the world.


Apple launches two new beta OS for developers

Apple has just released the two new beta of watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2 for developers. While yesterday afternoon came the versions for macOS Sierra and iOS, this afternoon has been the turn to Apple Watch and Apple TV. In this case and the same thing that has happened with the versions of yesterday of the rest of systems, the news are rather scarce and the boys of Cupertino focus directly on the improvements of security and stability of the system.

Surely this coming week will have the final version of these versions, at least that’s what we believe after previous beta versions 6. It is logical to think that Apple officially launches in 7 days, but you have to be cautious with these forecasts although there are too many versions already and plays the final.

In this beta 6 we continue with the improvements implemented in the first version

In this beta 6 we continue with the improvements implemented in the first version, the Theater Mode for Apple Watch and the innovations in the Apple TV for the United States with support for the framework of Video Toolbox. In fact they are little highlights – although they are important – and especially in the case of the TV that we will not get to use it if want. On the other hand we are waiting for the beta versions for users who are enrolled in the public beta program, but surely today will be available to all if they have not been released while writing this article.

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For your own good, do not buy these headphones

Our work allows us to try a virtually unlimited number of gadgets, and in particular of products compatible with iPhone. When I agreed to try these Lightning headphones, especially since I had not yet received the AirPods and I was hoping to find something to replace the dignity Lightning EarPods that I found in the box of my iPhone 7 Plus I was contacted by the press office. Needless to say, that expectations have been largely disregarded. But I want to tell what happened in this review.

I received these headphones before Christmas (just think, ‘I’ve been thinking … well there before writing this article) and I tried them virtually the only two occasions for a total of no more than 2 minutes of listening. The reason? I’ll tell you soon.

Best Lightning headphones 2017 Phones for iPhones

The headphones are presented with a rather unique design. There is a Lightning connector that becomes then a 3.5mm jack and fits into an in-line buttons for volume, play / pause button and even a button to “enhance bass.” Besides this, on the remote stands, fierce, the ” Hi-Res Audio “: According to the description on Amazon, ” the headset adopts Hi-Res technology to high resolution audio. It provides a transmission of low audio signal to 24-bit 48kHz loss, using higher sampling rates than the standard used in conventional CD. “Wow, so cool!

Comfortable they are!

The pads are designed to be sufficiently insulating and to prevent the movement of headphones. Then I discover the presence of a second in-line, this place in the traditional position. From here, however, we can only pause and resume playback, as well as call up Siri. In any case, decidedly more comfortable this from the other remote that is so close to the phone from push to manage playback directly by the latter.

Again according to the product description, the headphones are compatible with any iOS device with Apple Lightning connector. Too bad the reality is different in this case. First I tested on a iPad Pro and an iPhone 7 Plus: the result was that “low” was not working. Both devices have instead worked when I connected the headset of iPhone 5c.

The product description then speaks of “advanced sound insulation technology“: do not be fooled, there is none of that. Headphones isolate, why I even said I, but just as it is conceived to isolate the rubber and because of its nature in-ear. There are no other special “technology” for the reduction of the noises.

Before talking about the sound quality (I leave it as a last but not least) it remains to clarify the operation of the “Bass Boost button”. At first glance it might seem one of the few points in favor of these headphones, but with a comparative listening we understand that actually activating the bass enhancement is not going to help but recall those low that, in theory, should already be played and they are instead cut if you do not use this feature. No real advantage, so, considering that if you want to get a better listening bodied always active you keep this function.

regular headphones - only they plug into a Lightning port instead of a 3.5mm socket

Ok, I can not escape.

We talk about the audio quality. I told you, I don not more than 10 seconds the first time and, with some effort, for a little less than two minutes the second time. I sincerely enough and advanced. To cover the cost of the product sound quality is really embarrassing. Poor call it would not make enough of the idea. For heaven’s sake, your music still able to recognize them, but equalization is very flat, the distribution is poor and the audio resolution is very low. Many frequencies will be completely wiped out and some sounds that you are used to identify even small caps will definitely not play.

Do you see why I’ve already recommended in the broad title of partridge? And I have not told you everything yet. These headphones costing € 69.99 (yes, sixty-nine and ninety-nine euro!). Needless to tell you: you do not work hard to find the best of these headphones. I would say that the solution you have already on hand and at no cost: the EarPods you found in the packaging of your iPhone sound better, are prettier. Continue to use them and forget this new one.

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Some UK stores are selling Apple Watch without reservation

Today a large number of users are receiving the Apple Watch, after booking a few days ago. However this controversial system of selling the new device of Cupertino could be history now and that in several boutiques in the UK are selling Apple smart watches without reservation and only hope the relevant queue.

Apple from the beginning repeatedly confirmed that Apple Watch could only be acquired by the time if previously made a reservation, but it seems that is not exactly true.

Do you think Apple will change the method of sale of Apple Watch

By now, it has been confirmed that three UK stores selling Apple Watch without reservation. These devices would be those that are left after they were delivered all devices that were reserved. Of course it is sold at the price we already knew and has not disclosed whether there is stock for all versions of Apple smart watch.

Now we must wait to see if Apple officially confirms that the sales process has changed and especially if you add to these three stores, one more than the previous book sold without Apple Watch.

Do you think Apple will change the method of sale of Apple Watch? .

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How To Increase iPod Battery Life

There are a number of different factors which have an effect on battery life when it comes to technology meaning that it’s entirely possible to extend that life. For those who are out and about a lot, the iPod is an attractive portable gadget and the last thing they want is for it to crash out on them, miles away from a decent charger. With that in mind, there are even some apps available which help to restore battery life but for those seeking a quick fix, here are some of the best ways to extend battery life.


Always be sure to adjust the brightness of the device as it’s unnecessary having such a strong backlight all the time, particularly when it’s not in use. This is found in settings and is very easy to adjust, a sure-fire way to extend the battery life with less energy being put in to lighting up the screen. Another option from the settings menu is to turn off the equaliser if you’re not intending to use it.

the iPod is an attractive portable gadget and the last thing they want is for it to crash out on them


With an iPod, you’ll obviously be listening to a large amount of tunes, all the while draining your battery power. It probably goes without saying but when the headphones are off, ensure the device is as well. At the very least make sure it’s paused rather than left to play on and on, wasting valuable battery life. Skipping precariously from song to song is another way to whittle down the battery so users are encouraged to devise playlists which will cut out any unnecessary skipping.

Other Factors

Though it may not seem it, temperature plays an important part in battery life as well. Apple states that the iPod battery works best at room temperature as too much heat can degrade the performance of the battery and the device, encouraging users not to leave it out in direct sunlight for too long.

Certain things can be kept off most of the time, including the Wi-Fi and Location Services. Whilst some love the idea of always being connected to the net, the Wi-Fi tends to wind down the battery very quickly and with the addition of Location Services, the two will combine to become an even larger detriment on the battery’s life so always use both services sparingly.

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The new iPhone 5S convex Home button

The fingerprint sensor will have the iPhone 5S is one of the most frequently mentioned rumors among the people. In September will be held the keynote of Apple where it will be two new products: the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. In this note we will discuss the latter and a feature that will differentiate it from the rest.

Much has been said about where would the fingerprint sensor and it seems the Home button will be responsible for contain the function and it does not have the same characteristics as the previous equipment.

Ming-Chi Ku, an analyst known for exposing accurate predictions about new Apple product launch, says the Home button on the new iPhone 5S will have a convex sapphire cover that will contain the fingerprint sensor.

The fingerprint sensor will have the iPhone 5S

Sapphire cover present this new button avoid any scratches that could cause performance problems. For this reason, this cover will ensure the smooth operation of the sensor at all times.

The convex Home button will be a big change for Apple iPhone and so far, Home buttons were concave. This new Button leave sufficient space to install the sensor underneath.

Home Button in iPhone presented today, could not contain the sensor or its installation would be very complicated because of its space delimited by the surrounding components like microphone or speaker.

The implementation of this new button will be something strange. First you can swipe uncomfortable by it. And secondly, how related cause a loss of compensation on the stability of the team, i.e. to leave the device on a table looking down, would not be fully supported on the table by the large button that will.

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PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD: the first pendrive for iOS

One of the most demanding needs for Apple devices has been a USB flash drive that could connect directly to our iPad and iPhone, so that transferring multimedia content was even easier between Mac / PC and these Apple devices. To do this, Photofast created i-FlashDrive HD, a flash drive with good read and write speed and some very interesting features.

If you have Apple mobile device, either an iPhone or an iPad, you already know how uncomfortable it is sometimes not able to have a specific external memory for these devices, saving time and money if you want to transfer files from your computers or vice versa. PhotoFast has thought of all these people and created i-FlashDrive HD, special USB Apple device, with which you can transfer any type of media, music, videos, photos, texts etc between devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

i-FlashDrive HD has the ability to copy files without a local network or a nearby PC

One of the great advantages of i-FlashDrive HD is the ability to copy files without a local network or a nearby PC. It’s as simple as having installed the i-FlashDrive from the App Store, connect your flash drive and start enjoying it. With it you can make backups of your iPhone and contacts or save the files into the i-FlashDrive. Another most interesting is that if you have an Apple TV, you can save a film in the external memory and connect to iPhone via AirPlay playback on your TV.

With regard to the technical specifications, iFlashDrive HD is available in capacities of 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB and is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP, iOS 6.0 and OS X. Its size is 9.0 x 25.9 x 52.46 mm and weighs 18 grams. On the other hand, you get a transfer rate of 10 MB / s for USB, 2.5 MB / s on an iPad 2 and 1.5 MB / s on an iPhone 4 because of the limitations imposed by Apple.

The worst thing about this device is its price, and that begins at 90 USD and reaches 320 USD if you choose the higher capacity.

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Denon Launches New Range Of AV Receivers for Apple AirPlay

Denon has announced the launch of a new range of AV receivers that are characterized as being compatible with the protocol of Apple AirPlay wireless streaming, perfect for users of an iOS device or a Mac.

The entry model is the AVR-X1000 and its market price is $ 449, in return, the user receives an AV receiver supports multichannel 5.1 capable of providing 80W RMS power per channel.

Denon AV Receivers compatible with the protocol of Apple AirPlay wireless streaming

The next model is the AVR-X2000 which already provides 7.1 sound and is capable of supporting resolutions 4K ultra high-definition content, in addition, the audio power per channel is increased to 95W RMS. The price of this AV receiver is $ 649.

The third model is announced by Denon AVR-X3000 which costs $ 899, also supports 7.1 audio and offers 105W of power per channel. It also supports standard resolutions compatible with the 4K.

Denon AV receivers can be controlled remotely via an application available for Apple iOS devices

Finally, there is the model AVR-X4000 is the top model and is characterized by offering 7.2 sound, each channel amplified 125W RMS power. This AV receiver features seven HDMI inputs and three outputs of the same connection also has an audio processor supports the following formats: Audyssey DSX, Dolby Pro Logic IIz, and DTS Neo: X decoder among others. With this product, SD content can be converted to HD while 1080p video can be up-scaled to 4K Ultra HD.

All these AV receivers can be controlled remotely via an application available for Apple iOS devices.

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iOgrapher will make the iPad Mini into a FaceTime HD camera

The output of the iPad Mini has attracted the interest of some designers to give a new dimension to photography. With its iSight camera and its FaceTime HD camera, Dave Basulto took the opportunity to develop a dedicated camera.

iOgrapheriPad Mini Mount has been designed from durable and high quality plastic

iOgrapher iPad Mini Mount has been designed from durable and high quality plastic. It has two bars on each side to put your hands. Like driving a car, it reduces blurring effects for video capture. However, for stability, it is possible to install it on a stand or a camera system. To produce images in wide angle, you can add lenses to 37mm lens.

The output of the iPad Mini has attracted the interest of some designers to give a new dimension to photography

Another interesting accessory: the removable Rotolight. It is a method of using LED lighting that provides natural light that highlights the effects of the shadow. Placed on top of the iOgrapher, it will give a wedding more than natural light.

With its iSight camera and its FaceTime HD camera, Dave Basulto took the opportunity to develop a dedicated camera

Currently iOgrapher iPad Mini Mount is working in prototype phase. If funding on Kickstarter continues its current pace, perhaps will they be available in the month of June.