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Samsung all in one computers with curved screens released

Soon we begin to breathe the famous event CES 2015 and major developers are beginning to leave knowing what their featured products will be for presentation at this celebration.

In the case of Samsung , we know that will come with its new range of laptops but so will the new sector which will access the computers all in one but with the novelty of having the curved screen.

Samsung all in one computers with curved screens

Thus, following the trend set by LG from Samsung come with its new line called Series 7 where its main advantage is the curve on their screen. What is surprising is that the equipment included in this screen and only have mouse and keyboard as unique peripherals.

Its main features
His work on curved panels has reached different devices in your offer and wanted to also that they can reach computers all in one. In this case we face a screen of 27 inches with a Full HD panel that can actually be rather short considering the size of its diagonal.

Samsung all in one computers with curved screens in CES 2015

The screen can also be monitor if it sees fit well because it has video inputs, including HDMI and 10W power speakers.

As for the computer, it will come with Windows 8.1 and Intel hardware, and its a Core i5 processor. 8GB RAM, 1TB of hard disk space over 128GB SDD format complete the features of this particular desktop.

As for its availability only know that will hit the market this month, ie, in the coming weeks although nothing is known about its price.

All in One MSI

MSI to rely on the AiO to play with new models

Believe it or not, the All-in-One are gradually being an increasingly important part of the market. The convenience of having everything integrated is a plus for users, and since the hardware is becoming more powerful while also taking up less space emerging new uses for this technology.

FullHD resolution and multitouch capabilities to exploit the possibilities offered by Windows 8

MSI is one of the manufacturers who bid more for this category, and this week has introduced two new models: MSI AG220 and AG240 two AiO designed for games. Your hardware is on par with some gaming notebooks midrange near high, including NVidia GTX 860M graphics, Intel Core i5 or i7 processors and the ability to have a SSD RAID 0, which is quite characteristic of computers MSI.

AiO to play as the new MSI AG220 and AG240 are interesting

The difference, as you can guess, is the screen size: 21.5 or 23.6 inches, both with FullHD resolution and multitouch capabilities to exploit the possibilities offered by Windows 8. Also included WiFi 802.11ac, Killer network card and 8 GB of RAM base.

The most enthusiastic users still prefer desktops because these are more powerful and more customizable. However, AiO to play as the new MSI AG220 and AG240 are interesting for those who do not want complicated option. The trouble is that we do not know yet or price or release date, but we trust it does not take more than a few weeks to take them to the shops.

Accessories All in One

Sony introduces all in one Walkman WH

Today’s smartphones have functions of all kinds. The company Sony has unveiled a device with a fashion trend all in one, the Walkman WH. At first glance it seem a wireless headphones, but actually it is much more complex. In short, the device also can be used as a speaker and as a music player with a capacity of internal storage of 4 or 16 GB. In the UK, it will be available from October and will cost 117 and 212 euros, but its arrival in other markets is still unknown.

The idea of this new device is quite practical and the fact that it is developed by Sony provides certain guarantees in terms of good results, although it is necessary to corroborate see its development in its three facets. But it is clear that if you meet certain efficiency and its price remains at around EUR 120, we are in presence of a great gadget.

The idea of this new device is quite practical and the fact that it is developed by Sony

Its main feature is its variety of functions. At present, virtually all people in the world have an mp3 player or smartphone with music playback functions, and seems somewhat redundant to include this tool in the Walkman WH. But this way you can save battery on your mobile device and do not require to carry an additional device.

As for the speaker, it will surely not so excessive power to fill a room, but it should be noted that this is not its primary function. It will be a great device to carry on a trip, walk or may also be used to take music environment to perform some type of exercise or cycling.

The two models were presented with different play modes and have compatibility with any external player but cables are required to work as it does not have as WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. The Walkman WH battery will last up to 20 hours, according to Sony, but surely it will be greatly reduced if you use the device as a speakerphone and music player simultaneously.

ACER All in One

Acer Aspire ZC-605: All-In-One Multimedia Station

Acer has already offered some information on what will be one of the desktops in the company’s flagship Windows 8. This time the bet does not innovate in form factor and prefer secure with something better known, restrained in specifications and we suppose will have a more affordable price.

Acer Aspire ZC-605 - cheaper all-in-one with finesse

The Acer Aspire ZC-605 is an all in one desktop computer with screen size of 19.5 inches. It is true that it falls short diagonal to what we are seeing on the market and especially bearing in mind that it is a desktop that you will turn into another computer. Its resolution is set as 1600 × 900 pixels, which do not attain desired figure working as 1080p.

Internally this model will have as standard with an Intel Celeron 1007U Ivy Bridge (2 cores@1.5 GHz) that can extend up to Intel Pentium 2117U Ivy Bridge (2 cores@1.8 GHz). It can be powered maximum 16GB of RAM or less, and it has integrated Intel HD graphics.

Acer Aspire ZC-605: All-in-one multimedia station for the digital home

With the preinstalled Acer Cloud Technology, the Acer Aspire ZC-605 offers a simple solution to connect all digital devices together to share each stored content and can access it anytime, anywhere. Music, photos, videos and documents that are available on the all-in-one PC can be played back on other devices.

The profile of basic consumer desktop is very evident, so their output to the market price, which will be in September, you must put in place just this Acer solution that will offer you more details soon.

All in One MSI

All-in-one MSI AG2712: A Powerful Device To Focus On Video Games

They call MSI AG2712 and is an All-in-one, a device in which all hardware is integrated behind the screen. A priori you can think that store characteristics somewhat limited – due to space – but MSI wants to break a lance for these computers and are looking to vastly improve its characteristics. Is it enough for video games?

MSI AG2712 and is an All-in-one, a device in which all hardware is integrated behind the screen

AiO MSI AG2712 is a 27-inch touch and resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels which includes portable hardware rather important: Intel Core i7-3630QM (2.4 GHz Quad-Core with Turbo up to 3.4) and graphics NVidia GTX 670MX, of the most potent. In Memory RAM includes only 4 GB DDR3, and while this figure is expandable to 16 GB may well having added more factory.

The rest of the device is very conventional: Wifi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 and others. Storage is based on a traditional hard drive 7200 rpm and 1TB of capacity, but also offer an optional one SSD of 128 GB. In short yes, it is true that they are good features , and even guide a AiO games is something very daring (the end of the day is a laptop with its features, but in a desktop housing) must recognize that its power is more than acceptable.

Unfortunately we have the price of MSI AG2712 to add some more information. What you do has confirmed MSI is to begin selling in late April, which in no more than a couple of weeks you should know the final figure. One thing: I would not expect anything less, of course.

All in One Hi-Tech Gadgets

Asus Transformer Aio: Half Windows, Half Android

Asus has just announced officially one of those products shown, draw attention and disappear in the fog without a trace. The Taiwanese company first showed this little beast for almost a year, and has made it clear that his intention is not to leave the team into oblivion and so begins to adjust to market these days.

It is an all in one computer, as all devices in its popular line Transformer, is able to leave the desktop look to move to the portability and convenience of a tablet. Although in this aspect, as the comfort of the tablet may not be completely fulfilled.

Asus Transformer Aio with Windows 8 and Android Jelly Bean

Asus Transformer AiO boasts a huge 18.4-inch screen something you can not precisely call easily portable. The device is more suited for a media center, incorporating a resolution FullHD 1920 x 1080 pixels and 10 points touch.

It versatility as a tablet PC and as is his specialty. A specialty is not very common in the market. Because your computer dock go unnoticed as Microsoft Windows 8 and a tablet is immersed in the Google Android.

When you select to the Windows option, you can get an Intel Core i5 3350P processor, 8GB of RAM, 1TB of storage and Nvidia GeForce GT 730M graphics, plus some extras like a DVD SuperMulti optical drive, USB 3.0 ports, WiFi connectivity, card reader and HDMI output.

If you choose to make it android, you can have an Nvidia Tegra 3 chip, 2GB of RAM, 32GB storage, microSD support, 1 MP front camera, battery durable for 5 hours of use and a dose of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

It will hit the market on 12th April, precisely, in exchange for USD 1,299. Can it survive in a world that moves daily tablets to computers? Do not know, but it offers the best of both worlds.

All in One Printer

Canon released four new models all in one printers

Canon has introduced four new models all in one printers that are added to the PIXMA line. This is the compact PIXMA MP230, MG2250, MG3250 and MG4250, according to Canon, these new printers are optimized for printing both documents to the photo, with a high quality comparable to a photo lab. Remember, Canon also has a line of printers designed specifically for photography, the SELPHY.

canon-pixma all in one printers

Among the features of these four printers you found the Auto Power Off (i.e. the printer is turned off by itself after a period of disuse) and the new Auto Power On. This feature makes it much easier and faster printing when the printer is off. You can, for example, send files to the printer from a wireless device and print them without having to manually turn it on first.

In addition, include how Quiet Mode that makes printing be more silent and platform My Image Garden, which combines in a single interface all the software available for PIXMA printers, making it easier to use. To all this we have to add things like facial recognition or compatibility of printers with Print Your Days, Canon’s new application for Facebook.

The new printer models will be available from September this year and is obviously looking to fill various needs and different budgets. Thus, the canon PIXMA MP230 is the cheapest among the new printers presented. Function has printing, scanning and copying documents, is very compact and is priced is 44 pounds (55 euros).

The model PIXMA MG2250 stands a step above. It has a seven segment LCD display and a design dubbed FastFront for easy replacement of cartridges and paper. You can print 10 x 15 inches, borderless, in about 44 seconds. Your document print speed is 8.4 pages per minute in monochrome and 4.8 pages per minute in color and its suggested retail price of 49 pounds (61 euros).

You continue with the Canon PIXMA MG3250, which has all the features you have seen in the MG2250 but is able to print even faster (9.2 pages per minute in monochrome and 5 color). It also has integrated Wi-Fi and a free application for smartphones and tablets that can print photos and scanned.

Finally, the PIXMA MG4250 comes with a TFT color screen of 6.2 inches, which easily print without turning on the computer and extensive connectivity options. As above, also has Wi-Fi. It is compatible with PIXMA Cloud Link functionality, allowing direct access to online albums from Picasa, Google Print and Web Template Cloud Print. It is capable of printing at 9.9 pages per minute in grayscale and 5.7 ipm in color.

Ah! Take this opportunity to remind you to take a look at our post with recommendations for choosing the photo paper best suited for your feedback.

All in One Samsung Devices

Updated version of the Samsung 7 Series all in one desktop PC

Samsung has renewed its existing all in one desktop PC to adopt the platform for Intel Ivy Bridge Samung series 7. The new Samsung Series 7 AIO desktop also has AMD Radeon 6470M graphics and 1 TB hard drive.
Updated version of the Samsung 7 Series all-in-one desktop
The Samsung all-in-one desktop comes equipped with Intel Core i5 CPU, optical drive, high-quality JBL speakers, and webcam. As connectors, there is Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, HDMI and Bluetooth.

The equipment includes a 23-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD) and a brightness of 250 cd/m2 and TV tuner.

The price in South Korea this revamped version of Samsung is the equivalent of about 1210 euros.

All in One Computer

HP introduces five new desktop computers

HP introduced five new desktop computers to ordinary consumers: the all in one HP Compaq Pro 4300, the Compaq Elite 8300, the Compaq Pro 6300, the Compaq Pro 4300 SFF and HP Z220.

The all in one HP Compaq Pro 4300 is built for enterprise-class performance with the latest technology for PC. It has an LED backlit screen of 20-inch, Intel HD graphics, and is powered by the third generation of Intel Core.

HP introduces five new desktop computers

Meanwhile, the HP Compaq 4300 Small Form Factor provides the latest Intel and is ideal for small businesses.

The Compaq Pro 6300 is powered by the latest Intel processors and also has high-definition graphics (Intel). In addition, it offers two chassis options.

HP Compaq Elite 8300 has a wide range of chassis options available and comes with the latest Intel (designed to meet the needs and deployment scenarios of companies).

Finally, the HP Z220 is designed for business professionals and is available with a mini-tower (CMT) or a compact form factor (SFF) for space-constrained environments.

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Technical Specification of HP Z1 all-in-one workstation

HP has officially launched on the world market the HP Z1 Workstation, new all-in-one desktop PC in February 2012, the precedence all-in-one workstation with a screen of 27 inches.

Technical Specification of HP Z1 all-in-one workstation

This new HP machine offers faster rendering and better performance that is ideal for digital media, digital design, and entertainment professionals.

The HP Z1 has Intel Xeon processor combined with NVIDIA Quadro graphics card. There is a choice of solid state drive 160GB or 300GB. It also offers 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, 1080p webcam and SRS-certified speakers.

Technical Specification of HP Z1 all-in-one workstation

With stunning design, the HP Z1 workstation has a 27 inch IPS display with LED backlight and 2560×1440, a card reader and a Blu-ray. In additional, this workstation offers USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, Display Port IN/OUT, and SPDIF as well.

According to the press release, the HP Z1 workstation is now available worldwide at about 1992 euros, depending on configuration. It comes pre-loaded with Windows 7, but also certified SUSE and Red Hat Linux.

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