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Ideal Gadget for splendid 3D gadgets for any event, stereoscopic 3D paper viewer and support for events where you want to deploy multiple images at different times

Cube 3 home 3D printer allow you to print objects of different colors

3D printer from Cube 3

The company 3D Systems Launches New 3D printer that seduces us when we know that we can print from mobile devices and get it for less than $ 1,000. The letter could not be better, the Cube 3 is one of the best home printers that are on today and...

MakerBot Digitizer device can be a good solution

Scan 3D objects with Makerbot Digitizer

Makerbot is a great leader in the world of 3D printing and a few months ago that the company is announcing the intention to offer the market called Digitizer, a 3D scanner. Now its leaders announced the availability of the device and its value. You can book the Makerbot Digitizer...

Staples becomes first major US retailer to sell 3D printers with USD 1299 Cube

Staples sells 3D Cube printer online

As we have discussed in previous articles, it is clear that the impression of a 3D object is a futuristic flows slowly emerging in the field of technology worldwide. Despite its limited development achieved so far today with a 3D printer can create all kinds of gadgets, toys, novelties, and...

The Google Glass, according to the spokesman denied, do not incorporate any kind of advertising

Google continues to grow the project of Google Glass

The Google Glass Explorer Edition, officially presented a year ago at Google I/O Conference, are the product around which focuses Google Glass Project, a program of research and development of Google Inc. with the goal of developing a pair of glasses with augmented reality. Since the presentation we had not...

Sharp introduced the worlds largest led TV

Sharp introduced the world’s largest led TV

Lovers of film, television series and video games would enjoy safe Sharp AQUOS 3D LC-90LE745U, world’s largest LED TV. The 90-inch device was unveiled yesterday at a presentation in New York. The device promises unrivaled picture quality, but is only suitable for users with overly spacious rooms. The new Sharp...