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Samsung at work on a new augmented reality viewer?

Samsung is now one of the largest companies in the world, ranging from different sectors of electronics, including smartphones, technological gadgets, smartwatches, appliances, laptops and tablets. A field, however, where the house has not yet released its own device, is that of augmented reality, to which the company is currently working to release a new product, thus joining Apple and Facebook, also working at something similar.

Samsung and the mysterious augmented reality viewer

What should be a new Samsung AR device has recently been leaked into a patent . This shows the design of a new AR viewer that the house would be dedicating its work to. The patent, which had been requested in February, was actually published only a few days ago .

mysterious augmented reality viewer

According to the drawings shown by the latter, Samsung’s new augmented reality set has a structure made of metal and synthetic resin . There is a cable connected to the right side of the device that could be used for the connection for another device for data exchange or recharging, of which the house however, does not specify its usefulness.

The lenses are made of glass. The headphones also appear to have two front-facing cameras and two projectors for each eye.

However, the Samsung patent stops here. Unfortunately, the documents are limited only to the description of the product design , without yet revealing the technology that the Korean company intends to implement and use. All that remains is to wait for the house to release more information about this curious product.

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Virtual Reality: the ultimate immersive experience

The 3D perception of simulated environments, by means of which the user can move in a matter of seconds to dream worlds, is what virtual reality supposes
Creativity, immersion , sensitivity, fascination, interaction, technology or imagination are some of the many concepts that could best define what the virtual world supposes . The authentic revolution, capable of breaking the barriers of information, communication and entertainment, is represented by virtual reality projects and devices .

The 3D perception of simulated environments, by means of which the user can move in a matter of seconds to dream worlds, is what virtual reality supposes . The latter stands as a sensory tool that, in a more accurate way, will allow society to find and decipher some of the keys that will answer some of the anthropological questions that the human being has always considered.

This same Virtual Reality, of an increasingly growing influence in our society, comprises the human-machine interface, which will enable the user to immerse themselves in a 3D graphic simulation generated by a computer, navigating and interacting in it in real time. , from a perspective that is focused exclusively on the user.

Applications of virtual reality

All this synthetic experience pretends that the person replaces the physical reality by a fictitious environment created by a computer system. Beyond this type of simulations, these projects will capture the implicit will of the user in their natural movements, projecting them into the virtual world generated.

The reconstruction of the cultural heritage, the simulation of crowds, medicine and the sensation of presence are some of the many applications of this virtual reality .

Thus, for example, the recovery through the simulation of unique pieces of antiquity, which have been destroyed or have been completely degraded, is what is intended to be achieved through the reconstruction of the cultural heritage to which reference was made in previous lines. With this kind of projects you can show the piece in perfect condition in different places of the world at the same time, to the point that you can build complete museums with virtual pieces.

In the field of medicine , its application is represented in the virtual simulation of the human body, from whose images the 3D recreation of the patient can be made, a fact that will facilitate the elaboration of a diagnosis or, even, the simulation of operations in case it is necessary.

With regard to the application of virtual reality in the field of presence, simulating situations to induce behaviors in individuals to treat conditions such as phobias, social anxiety, conflict resolution or undertake studies of violence. For the simulation of crowds , the behavior of a large percentage of people will be reproduced, without requiring their presence, in especially complex situations such as the evacuation of a building.

The fundamental pillars of virtual reality

A virtual reality system , to be considered as such, must be based on three fundamental pillars. One of them is interactive simulation , which will differentiate virtual reality from a simple animation. In the latter case, the spectators are presented as passive subjects, in the sense that they can not alter the content of the contemplated images.

However, in a virtual reality system, the user can freely choose their movement through the scene, so their actions will directly affect the images they see. Similarly, in these cases, the user will have the ability to improvise their movement on the fly, without the need to establish a prior script, given that the virtual reality system will respond in real time to their actions.

Another of the fundamental ingredients of this system is what is known as implicit interaction. In this sense, the user’s will is captured, contained in their natural movements. A representative example can be found in the virtual camera, which will be updated depending on the movements of the user’s head. In the event that the latter wants to see the part of the virtual world behind him, it is not necessary to use any command, but simply to make the same natural gesture he would undertake in the real world.

The sensory immersion , meanwhile, is the third element in any system of virtual reality based. With this last reference is made to the disconnection of the senses from the real world and the connection with the virtual one. Of the different organs of the senses, the view is what gives us a greater amount of information, in addition to granting a greater sense of presence. The greater the number of stimulated senses, the higher the degree of immersion.

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Xbox Scorpio against a PC Gaming: this is what costs you a PC with the same power

The war between consoles and PC is growing. Xbox Scorpio bets all by pure raw power to get the promise of the game 4K to 60p. Can there be response from the PC world? How much would it cost to have a gaming PC with the same technical capacity?

The PC Gaming configuration equivalent to Scorpio Xbox Project Scorpio Vs. PS4 Pro

Just to know the specifications of Scorpio, an advance more than expected and that does not do more than want to know the final product, we wondered. How much would it cost to mount an equivalent gaming PC? Logically we are talking about different platforms and there are no direct equivalences in all the sections , but we can approximate enough knowing that those differences are there.

The fact that they are different platforms must be added that Microsoft and AMD have worked hand in hand to have unique hardware and optimized for Xbox games. No less important is the fact that Microsoft has worked directly with AMD to have a completely customized Scorpio hardware and very important, optimized to get all the performance with the games of the platform of Microsoft and with many changes that reduce latency and performance between CPU and GPU.

Scorpio’s SoC has as its main technical data the combination of a GPU of 40 computing units at 1172 MHz with 12 GB of GDDR5 memory (326 GB / s bandwidth ) and an 8-core X86 CPU at 2.3 GHz (4 MB of L2 cache) which has already become clear that they are not Ryzen for economic reasons.

To give us an idea, at the processor level, the equivalent in kernels could be the Intel i7-6900K to 3.2 Ghz that comes for more than 1000 euros , or Ryzen 7, the 1700 that comes for about 350 euros .

If we want something more adjusted in price and that meets the requirements to play on a PC, we would stay with the current king in the PC world, the Core i7-7700K that comes out for just over 300 euros and, despite its 4 cores , Compensates with high operating frequency. And very attentive to the future Ryzen 5 because they could enter into this struggle thanks to their power / price ratio, which gives us an idea of why the price of this Scorpio may not be triggered.

The contribution of AMD in the hardware of Scorpio is not only important in the part of gross power but in obtaining the same without firing the price, as it happens with its Ryzen of consumption

The rest of the necessary components should not be overlooked. Input will require a power supply, motherboard, RAM, Blu-Ray drive and storage, which all point to it will be at least 1TB and possibly SSD .

Without knowing the design and final configuration of Scorpio, what with this advance is more than clear is that it will be the most powerful console ever created . In our comparison with the main rivals has become clear.

Those 6 TFLOPS (40 computing units with a working frequency of 1,172 MHz) of which Scorpio presumed would have a world-wide equivalent of the classic GPUs in the GTX 1070 , which offers 6.5 TFLOPS and has 8 GB of GDDR5 memory. Its price is above 450 euros . In the world AMD the closest is the RX 480 with 5.8 TFLOPS and price of 265 euros and, as a data, only offers 36 units of computation.

Regarding the GDDR5 memory, although they are 12 GB, only 8 GB can be exploited by developers, as Microsoft reserves 4 GB for the system to run smoothly.

Something really impressive is the bandwidth , key for that 4K to 60p in a fluid way. They are 326 GB / s that are far above the 256 GB / s of the Nvidia 1070 or the 224 GB / s of the AMD model. If we had to match that bandwidth on a PC, the budget would skyrocket because it only offers the GTX 1080 (320 GB / s) and with a price above 600 euros . By balance our choice is the GTX 1070.


The possible price of the Xbox Scorpio seems very tight for what it will be able to offer. But a Gaming PC is not limited to entertainment and in the future we will be able to update it

With these specifications, the Xbox Scorpio is not expected to come down to $ 500. When we think about whether it is expensive or not, we can compare the great configuration that Microsoft has managed to introduce in it, but without forgetting that, beyond the game and the multimedia world, its possibilities are more limited than a PC , however much we devote Most of the time to play.

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GoTouch, the projector digital surface into Interactive digital whiteboard

The work meetings go with what is strictly necessary: a tablet, the smartphone and a pen drive with the necessary to continue the exhibition without Internet need. Precisely, one of the key mistakes is to assume that you are going to have a connection to the network and that all devices will work. If you want all your meetings are a success you must have GoTouch, the pocket projector that turns any whiteboard surface.

Make Any TV or projector into a giant interactive digital whiteboard Instantly with GoTouch

Project and edit your images wherever you want

When it comes to exposing a project there is nothing better than using a slide show and supporting ideas with a whiteboard. These two elements go hand in hand, but with the arrival of the touch panels there is the same space for two functions that were different. That is, as you discuss the content of each slide you can explain or highlight key concepts for a presentation to be round.

GoTouch is a small device that not only what you have projected on the screen of your mobile device. It will also allow you to edit it and make your meetings more interactive. Its physical appearance is that of a modular cube that is divided into three parts. On one side is the body of the device that has a C-shape and features a USB port on one side and the power button on and off. At the upper end is a projector that despite its size is able to reproduce a 4K screen at a maximum of 200 frames per second (allowing you to play multiple screens without losing quality). It can be rotated to fit the display to the space you need. The central part will accommodate the smart pen.

The gadget has three functions: The first is that you can turn any surface or television into an interactive whiteboard. You can also clone the display of your mobile device allowing the rest of the room participants to use the touchpad to work with the projected document. Finally, if you have an Internet connection, the gadget will send the screen to all connected devices.

A price according to the possibilities

As you can see, GoTouch is a gadget that will improve your business meetings . Having a 4K projector in the palm of your hand is no small thing, and if you add the functionality of working with your documents on any surface or device is an advantage. The price is what probably does not attract you as much, as it costs about 260 euros (300,000 Korean kroner at about change).

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How To Use LG’s G5 And The LG CAM Plus Camera Module

Among the most innovative smartphones that have presented this year you can find LG G5 with its concept of modules or the ability to add accessories to the phone that allow extra functionality. In recent years, the various manufacturers of smartphones have worked a lot on the camera department going to greatly improve the quality of photos and videos even allowing us to replace a simple compact camera for non professional photos.

LG Cam Plus Release Date, Price and Specs

The LG G5 solution to expand the camera functions is the module LG CAM Plus we will see to follow along with the potential of the camera.

Starting with the LG G5 camera can we know that the manufacturer has implemented a dual camera with wide-angle optical 135 degree and the ability to add LG Cam Plus for immediate controls, better grips and a built-in battery so you always have just the most beautiful.

Thanks to the wide angle of 135 degrees implemented by LG will be able to get the best shots without having to give up some details of the landscape that we are immortalizing and that would not be taken up by other sensors.

Among the features implemented we can find:

Picture pop-out allows to frame our photos going to isolate the main subject. It will also be possible to take a picture with both cameras so that you can get a unique which in turn can be framed with fisheye effects, black and white, vignetting or gradient.

LG G5's camera grip offers ease and comfort while you snap pics (hands-on)
With the function Autoshot you can make the perfect selfie no where to touch anything. Thanks to the function of face recognition, as soon as the sensor identify a face posing start on selfies.

There are 9 different filters thanks to the function Film Effect that can be applied before the shot so you can preview the result.

The camera software has also implemented an automated system dedicated to less experienced photographers, while for those more experienced there will be the possibility to manually adjust the various aspects such as ISO, white balance, shutter speed, and manual adjustment of focus lock and exposure.

LG CAM Plus: turn your smartphone into a camera and longer battery life

Arriving finally at the LG CAM Plus module is what allows us to have as advantages:

Once you hooked you will have additional physical controls to control the ‘ power, shooting, recording videos, and zoom.

LED indicator to check the status of LG CAM Plus

1200 mAh additional battery to get a lot of shots and superior video.

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The smallest drill in the world is printed in 3D

3D printing allows you to create custom objects, from smallest to largest. For its part, a New Zealand hacker has managed to create the smallest drill in the world, thanks to a 3D printer.

3D printing allows you to create custom objects

Lance Abernethy has set a goal to design the smallest drill. This is a miniature model in 3D print of just 17 mm high and 7.5 mm wide. Its 0.5mm drill allows it to make tiny holes. Fully operational, the device works wirelessly and features a miniature motor. Added to this are a battery that ensures its power supply and an integrated button as a trigger. The whole is connected via a wiring cable from a Jack recycled. As for design, the hacker was inspired by his standard drill to the model in 3D via Onshape software. It was then printed in 3D from a Ultimaker printer 2 using a nozzle of 0.25 mm and a height of 0.04 mm layer. After 25 minutes of waiting, the finished product is obtained.

Lance Abernethy has set a goal to design the smallest-ever drill
Given its small size, the prototype lacks power, but it can drill holes on soft materials such as plastic or a similar surface.

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3D printer from Cube 3

The company 3D Systems Launches New 3D printer that seduces us when we know that we can print from mobile devices and get it for less than $ 1,000. The letter could not be better, the Cube 3 is one of the best home printers that are on today and it can get settled into your room, now comes a more compact new design and larger functions security so as to avoid accidents.

Cube 3 home 3D printer allow you to print objects of different colors

To control the printer, only manipulate a touchscreen which has also been modified, being more intuitive and easy to use. LED lights let you know how it goes the state of the printing process and allow you to have free WiFi and Bluetooth allowing printing directly from your Smartphone working with iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

This Cube 3 home 3D printer will allow you to print objects of different colors and up to two types of materials (ABS and PLA), available with a range of up to 25 cartridges and each suffice to carry up to 14 objects. For its part, the dimensions of the objects may not exceed 152mm x 152mm x 152 mm.

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Scan 3D objects with Makerbot Digitizer

Makerbot is a great leader in the world of 3D printing and a few months ago that the company is announcing the intention to offer the market called Digitizer, a 3D scanner. Now its leaders announced the availability of the device and its value.

You can book the Makerbot Digitizer at a price of $ 1,400 and those interested in purchasing it can ensure to receive the first devices to be launched to the market during the month of October 2013.

The device which scans in three dimensions has a core turntable which deposit the object to be scanned, and a pair of lasers to record the surface of the object located on the plate, and thereby converts that data into a digital 3D.

MakerBot Digitizer device can be a good solution

According to the company MakerBot, the scanning process may take around 12 minutes per subject. The company also notes that this device has several limitations one of which is that the objects to be scanned cannot exceed three kilograms in weight, another limitation is the place where you have the scan of the object must have good lighting so that the model is as close to reality.

The 3D prints are one of the most promising in recent times, and are engaged in a great problem for the difficult task of creating 3D models to later print them. To create these models requires the ability to have certain skills and acquire is somewhat complicated. A solution to these problems is complicated world of 3D scanners, which eventually are being increased focus of several crowdfunding projects. The MakerBot Digitizer device can be a good solution, since it allows scanning objects in three dimensions so that these models can then be printed in 3D.

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BenQ W1500: a wireless projector Full HD 3D Home Cinema

BenQ has announced the latest innovation in Full HD 1080p 3D projectors with the new W1500, a wireless device capable of streaming from a wide variety of media sources with HDMI interface such as laptops and Blu-ray players. A great zoom and two built-in speakers with SRS WOW HD, make this projector a great alternative to build your own home theater.

To eliminate problems at the time of installation, the BenQ W1500 integrates a Full HD interface 5GHz wireless to provide uncompressed video streaming from any device with an HDMI output maximum range of 20 meters. And with its built-in speakers with 10 watt SRS WOW HD not need a sound, although it is recommended. It is able to offer up to 84-inch image at a distance of only two meters, something perfect for those who have a limited space.

wireless projector Full HD 3D Home Cinema

Another important feature of this projector is that it supports 2D and 3D, also played a vivid and natural colors while the room is illuminated, thus satisfying the most demanding requirements of high-definition video. In addition, the W1500 has the advanced technology DarkChip 3D LP from Texas Instruments to provide better brightness and more intense black levels, allowing you to enjoy cinema-quality picture and a very real ultrafluidas movies; thanks to the frame interpolation technology MEMC.

BenQ W1500 integrates a Full HD interface 5GHz wireless to provide uncompressed video streaming

In matters of 3D entertainment, the W1500 supports popular 3D timing and mandatory HDMI 1.4 a 3D, allowing you to view 3D content directly from the Blu-ray player or satellite and 3D video gaming with PS3. For this you must add it the Nvidia 3D TV support some graphics cards offered in laptops and high-end computers. This wireless projector is capable of converting 2D content into 3D, so that you can enjoy it whenever you want using their new 3D glasses more comfortable than before.

The BenQ W1500 projector will be available later this month at a price of 2,000 USD or 1,599 euro. An amount may seem excessive but fits everything that it offers this great family entertainment device.

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Google Glass XE6: The new update improves image quality

With an eye to continue improving their properties and integrating innovative technological glasses, the Google research team made the official announcement Wednesday of a new update for its unique glass eye wear, which Google called Google Glass XE6 and presented in the market with the corrections arising from the user experience and the resulting adjustments to the system. Also, this new version of the main attraction Glass incorporated one notable improvement in the quality of the photos can be taken with the device and even your own photo service. These features add to the tools that were included in the previous update, the Google Glass XE5, among which highlighted the addition of social networking notifications Google+.

Google to confirm the new version of their glasses

But putting us directly into the novelty introduced the latest version of the Google Glass, we highlight the new capabilities which include glasses to automatically capture a series full of photographs when taking a picture. The device is responsible for the range of shots combine to generate a main photo that has a higher quality in the final image and better results in dark and few favorable.

Besides this interesting tool, the Google Glass XE6 offer customers the ability by which the integrated camera of the device to the glass as you can capture images HDR, which allows to take pictures with good quality even when running on bright light environments or even on the move. As reported by Google to confirm the new version of their glasses, they also offer the chance to add captions on the pictures and through the voice capture system where the user sees fit.

Apart from these elements linked to the photo service, the new Google Goggles also include other details smaller but equally useful, starting with the way notification sounds for those times when the equipment is not positioned in the user’s head or when it is off. In this sense, the Head Off detection system, which reports to the system the time the lenses are removed from the client’s head has been optimized by Google. For users interested in downloading and immediately start enjoying this latest version of the Google Glass can do it now, considering that it is already available for installation from within the Google Glass website.