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CAT B15 Rugged Tough and water proof Smart Phone

The renowned American company machinery and equipment for construction, making its foray into the mobile phone market looking excel in their specialties. The Caterpillar Inc. has decided to present its own device which is resistant to water and shows an aspect of being strong. The company seeks that this smartphone, called CAT B15, stands out for its strength and is acquired by persons performing heavy work.

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Review of CAT B15 Rugged Tough and water proof Smart Phone

One of the qualities of CAT B15 is to be submersible, can withstand up to half an hour being one meter under water and will still work when wet for its Gorilla Glass screen. The other feature is its strength, as it has a casing made of a layer of aluminum and rubber protector which makes mobile support falls of up to two meters high without changing any physical or operational part.

Cat B15 rugged Android goes up for sale online

The CAT B15 features Android 4.1 operating system, a touch screen 4.1-inch and 5-megapixel camera, we must clarify that it is Caterpillar’s first foray into this market, its debut was with one called CAT B10.

Caterpillar CAT B15 rugged Android phone makes US debut

CAT was associated with Bullitt Mobile for the launch of this product, and it was the phone company director who made declares on CAT B15. He said it should be easy to carry a phone that feels comfortable to the user, despite being so strong and robust, it is thin and light.

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