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According to artificial intelligence study, the robots do not kill

We should not relax too much and forget that, soon, the robot will attack us. This is a recurring theme in science fiction movies and humanity, usually, he is forced to flee for his life. But according to some reports, “there is no reason why the artificial intelligence should be a concern”.

This conclusion we are left with an analysis titled 100 years of Artificial Intelligence study (AI100). This Stanford University project brings together a committee of scientific experts in the field of artificial intelligence. It seems that advances in artificial intelligence are marking large differences in the US and will develop between now and 2030.

The fear is that, one day, the robots can take over humans and do things of their own free will.
The fear is that, one day, the robots can take over humans and do things of their own free will.

The changing areas explored in the report include transport, health, education, office, surveillance and public safety. The independent transport is the first experience that the majority of people living with hand and which greatly influences the public perception of artificial intelligence.

In the field of health, they will help the AI experts to computerize some tasks. The ability to draw conclusions from large databases is one of the most basic skills of artificial intelligence. The robots, it is expected, will be able to carry objects on different positions.

In the safety field, the police will use artificial intelligence to analyze, classify and evaluate data from sensors e and communications like social networks. The applications will focus on crime prevention and investigation.

“There’s a big job to do in simulations to determine how they could be controlled the masses of people. At the same time, there are concerns about the potential of these tools in violating people’s privacy,” the report said.

The research concludes that there is no reason to worry for the future of humanity. According to the scientist at the University of Texas, Peter Stone, some people worry that “the robots will soon be able to do things they do not want to do and perform spontaneously.”

However, the ability of the robot to have free will is outside of the current possibilities. “All technologies have disadvantages that can be used maliciously. Overall, I am very optimistic that the artificial intelligence technology can improve the world”.

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