Camcorder that records one million images per second

Attention filmmakers slow motion, as this digital camera is ideal for you. Since we’re talking about the latest creation of the company Vision Research, who has just officially launched a video camera that records the highest speed.

Camcorder that records one million images per second

This device is called Phantom v 1610 and belongs to the family V-Series.

Some of the main features:

  1. – In HD can record up to 16 000 frames per second.
  2. – Operates at a maximum resolution (for the mark of 16 000) is 1280 X 800 pixels.
  3. – It has a CMOS sensor of one megapixel to the ” recording accurately. “
  4. – It also has the choice of 12 bits per pixel depth for each pixel of 28 microns.
  5. – In work mode “FAST” (fast), it records video at a much lower resolution: 128 x 16 pixels.
  6. – To sampling can upload up to one million frames per second, ideal for lovers of the “Show motion”, a film with more than slow movements.
  7. – The sensor captures up to 16 gigapixels per second.
  8. – In relation to storage, containing a device called Cinemage, which comes in versions 256 and 512 GB.
  9. – The RAM drive is high speed, from 24 GB to 96 GB.
  10. – The mount is the company Nikon and Canon is also available.

This new Phantom aimed at the professional market, as scientists, engineers, librarians, researchers.

Clearly there is a camera for any amateur wishing to film their holiday or birthday party for their children because it has too much for those utilities that another model may be more than enough.

The Phantom V 1610 Vision Research has no official price yet on the market.


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