Bluetooth ZX Spectrum, the old rubber keypad back to life

Not that rubbery keys ZX Spectrum were very of my devotion, but certainly became a hallmark of a generation, and now a company wants to build on that sense of nostalgia to create the so-called Bluetooth ZX Spectrum.

This accessory will be a Bluetooth keyboard initially compatible with iOS but subsequently also be supported on smartphones and tablets Android and Windows. It will be launched market for game developers veterans Spectrum Elite want to raise 60,000 pounds (about 72,300 euros) to ensure production of the first 1,000 units. They will release only the keyboard, but a series of applications and games that will be geared to be enjoyed with this unique keyboard.

Bluetooth ZX Spectrum will be a Bluetooth keyboard initially compatible with iOS

The Bluetooth ZX Spectrum will also be backward compatible with the call ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection, a set of applications and games Spectrum classic Jet Set Willy and Manic Miner, Cybernoid, Monty on the Run and Skool Daze.

The price of the first keyboards is 50 pounds and includes this set of games, and the creators said it will also be compatible with third-party applications, but do not guarantee support. In any case, you know that this keyboard was not designed specifically to write you at full speed.

The developer of this mill group has licensed the trademark ZX Spectrum and can replicate this unique keyboard. If they achieve their goal, the keyboard will start to reach investors in September.


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