Between 30 and 50 ultraboooks come to CES 2012

The ultrabooks are here to stay, but we did not know was that tens of ultrabooks hit the market in the near future. According to a new report, a total of 50 ultrabooks would be released during the upcoming CES 2012.

According to Shawn DuBravac, Director of Research at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), 30 and 50 ultrabooks will be launched at CES 2012.

Between 30 and 50 ultraboooks come to CES 2012

This shows the ultrabooks are interested by number of manufacturers of computers. It seems that the “ultrabooks” would be the future of laptops, but this remains to be seen. As they say: dawn and see. It is safest to be so, but in this technological world all can happen.

These days, one of the more interested in the field of ultrabooks is Intel, who rely entirely on the future of these machines. The CES 2012 bodes well, fortunately it is almost time to start this technological event, billed as the largest in the world.


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