Best 5 programs to Manage Android smartphone from Windows PC

Here are 5 useful programs that allow you to better manage your android phone directly from Windows.

These 5 software that give you the opportunity to transfer files on Android, or synchronize your smartphone with Windows or to manage every aspect of your Android phone.


Let’s discover them together. This is very useful programs that will allow you to control your Android phone directly from Windows desktop. For every software you will find the download link, of course, completely free of charge. Warning: The following list includes only programs that do not require ROOT.

Best 5 programs to Manage Android smartphone from Windows PC

1. Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi

It is an excellent program that allows you to synchronize your Windows PC with Android devices wirelessly.

You can back up your contacts and calendars and sync everything with Outlook. Very interesting is the ability to fully synchronize wirelessly via WiFi (the two devices, in this case, must be connected to the same access point).



Android applications

Android Waze application


2. Wondershare MobileGo:

MobileGo is a free program that allows you to manage messages, contacts, music, text messages, pictures and applications, all directly from the PC. You can transfer files, data, video, audio, contacts, making backups, and more, directly from the PC.

A good program to manage every aspect of your Android smartphone from Windows.




3. 91 PC Suite:

91 PC Suite is another free program that allows you to manage your Android smartphone from your Windows PC.

Again you can back up and synchronize contacts, text messages, call log. But you can also customize ringtones, themes, backgrounds, manage the system, memory, and the log of the phone.

Do not miss the opportunity to install and remove applications, directly from Windows.  Download link  for the version of  Android. The software is initially set in the Chinese language, you must set it in English by clicking the icon on the left of the window of the Android software.




4. MyPhoneExplorer:

Born at first for Sony Ericsson smartphones, then the program has changed and has started to support all Android smartphones.

Supports cable, bluetooth or infrared and allows you to synchronize contacts and messages. It also offers file manager functionality.


5. Mobisynapse:

Mobisynapse is another free software for Android smartphones that lets you synchronize applications, photos, music between your smartphone and PC.

You can also back up messages and transfer files from Windows applications to Android device. Very interesting is the ability to send and receive SMS directly from your PC when your smartphone is connected. It’s also available in paid version, which offers synchronization with Outlook.


These are just some of the best software available to manage Android smartphone from your Windows PC.


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