Technical specifications of BB tablet BlackBerry PlayBook

BB tablet BlackBerry PlayBook

Its full name is BlackBerry PlayBook and a tablet with a high capacity compact for multimedia playback, the latest company created by RIM, that after the success of Apple’s iPad has decided to launch its own device to market, a little smaller and designed to work in conjunction with a mobile BB, concentrating its arsenal.

Many doors have been opened after the arrival of the tablet from Apple company and that has been key to RIM: stay ahead is not easy if you are idle. So it has decided to create a new portable device, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, the company’s first product that complements its mobile and offers the same operating system as used in the future. For now, be called “BB10” and based on QNX.

BB tablet BlackBerry PlayBook

The size of the BlackBerry PlayBook is 7 inches wide, this gives a more smaller than the iPad, with 4:3 ratio. It is lighter than the device Apple despite this distinction, as it weighs about 400 grams.

As for additional services, the BlackBerry PlayBook comes with applications that let you play music and video, as well as a browser that supports Adobe Flash (which does not accept the iPad). Bring an office suite installed, called “Documents to Go” developed specifically for this tablet, Facebook, Email (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc) and recorder with voice notes. To install more apps can be accessed directly from the BlackBerry App Word, as required.

The BlackBerry PlayBook does not have a native email client (somewhat surprising), but that can be solved by applying BB Bridge, which connects via Bluetooth phone with the tablet, so you can read the mails and access various services such as Messenger or calendar.