Autographer: wearable camera configured to automatically capture photo

OMG Life has taken a new twist on the concept of a wearable camera. Autographer intended automatically capture pictures from different angles and at different speeds activated, either by movement or by manual adjustment based on the user settings. The manufacturers claim that the number of photos the camera can produce in the course of a day will offer a different and unique perspective of the activities of user.

Autographer uses five onboard sensors (accelerometer, color sensor, magnetometer, motion detector, thermometer) and GPS capability to identify the best time to take a picture, based on the changes of light, color, movement, the address and temperature.

Autographer portable camera

Autographer can be activated to capture an image when the user picks up speed, for example when running to catch the bus, after leaving a pub heated to a snowy street or when greeting a friend.

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A control panel allows users choose the image capture rate during periods of intense activity, although the lens cover can be closed whenever the user chooses. Other specs include a wide-angle lens with a field of view of 1360, an OLED screen, 8 GB of onboard memory and a 5 megapixel sensor.

The Autographer is complemented by a smart phone application to synchronize with the device via Bluetooth. It also allows users to view, navigate, and share all the pictures inside the Autographer while on the go. The application also provides modes, set capture settings and check the battery level and memory capacity.

The Autographer will be available in November for the equivalent of about 502 euros.


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