Spy Gadgets

A watch as James Bond

spy watch
If you’ve always loved all the paraphernalia that surrounds the world of spies, at least those we know from the big screen, this gadget will be quite interesting and who knows if someday you can give the same usage as James Bond for example …

Luxury Gadgets

Against the cold, Glovetips

Surely by now you’re thinking you so much take the phone and get to send a message or make a call when you walk down the street for fear that your hand is stiffer than an icicle, but now there has appeared a GloveTips gadget you help combat this situation.

Against the cold, Glovetips

Ok, iPhone has some gloves but you may be leaving the budget as costing between 100 and 195 dollars and the truth is that it hurts for any pocket, at least for many of us over.

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Against the cold, Glovetips to touch you can use your phone as if she does not for a price that exceeds almost 15 euros, which is available to everyone.

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In the kit you have to find three GloveTips sale, the party to sew or glue on the tip of the glove, three strips or strips of fabric, the pull needle or sewing needle and a needle threader and needle threader. And after doing a little tinkering and you wear your gloves with confidence-

Luxury Gadgets Optical Devices

Eon Extreme Flashlight

Eon Extreme FlashlightIf you’re into gadgets you sure that what we present here are the less tempting it is. It is a flashlight very, very special, is the Extreme by Iain Sinclair Eon and it is really small, so that you can put it in your wallet in the department where you put your credit cards.

Also according to the website of the company, Eon ExtremeEon Extreme Flashlight is the world’s most powerful flashlight in relation to its weight, something that surely will bring us more of a bind if we stay in the dark and need to find something or inspect the engine during night, etc.

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It measures 85.6 x 54 x 3.4 mm, virtually identical to that of any credit card or identity card and its relationship light-weight is 230 lumens for only 43 grams, which is not bad, On the contrary, it is surprising.

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This light is achieved thanks to two built-in LEDs, which are super powerful and are in the front of this “card-lantern.” It recharges USB, so you can plug it into your computer and go recharging even trip, the bad, then your computer will run out of battery.

Psychology Gadgets Research & Analysis

Memory works best when we sleep

Memory works best when we sleep. When our memory recalls something while sleeping, that fact is set more effectively than if pointed out while we are awake. At the University of Basel, Switzerland has conducted a study that was published last week by the journal Nature.

According to the researchers, led by Bjorn Rasch, reinforce a memory while we sleep can fix in the memory.


For the study, experts trained volunteers’ memory, establishing a relationship between odor and the location of certain objects. Thus, when participants felt any of these odors, remember the object related to it and its location.

Once the relationship between odor and the object, the researchers divided the volunteers into two groups. The first groups were subjected to the smell while they were sleeping, while the second group felt the smell when they were awake.

The result of experiment showed that those who were subjected to the smell as they slept reinforced the memory in your memory, as recalled more accurately the location of the object. Who felt the smell when awake; they recalled the location of the object to a lesser extent.

The experiment was reinforced with an MRI to each of the volunteers, through which could be observed that the activated brain areas as they remembered was different in the group to which they belonged.

Luxury Gadgets

Shoe Odor Remediator, eliminates odors in your shoes

Here is a very useful invention that could become the ally of many people. For those who have problems with smelly footwear, Shoe Odor Remediator invention (or remedial shoe odors) promises to be more effective than powder or spray.

shoe odor remediator

Thanks to a device that emits ultraviolet rays, this gadget eliminates almost all bacteria that cause foot odor. Moreover, its creators say that the light emitted combat any type of waste and clean up the folds of leather or fabric shoes.

shoe odor remediator. The cost is $ 129.95 (about 95 Euros) and is sold by Hammacher Schlemmer’s site; shop New York that specializes in unique and innovative products.

The product seems to be quite interesting, but would be seen running for their efficacy. On the other hand, it might be a little aggressive, give it to someone, especially your partner “What are you suggesting? What do I have a bad odor in my feet and my shoes?” Could tell you, and would absolutely right.


Panasonic LUMIX TZ20, the new digital camera

After the CES 2011 Panasonic did not want to waste time and presented several models of compact cameras the differing characteristics of the main competitors. Here is a camera in particular model of that Panasonic introduced a few weeks ago, the Panasonic LUMIXlumix-tz20 TZ20.


The Panasonic LUMIX TZ20 is essentially characterized by being a compact that can shoot video at 1920×1080 50i technology including Dolby Digital Stereo. With its 14.1-megapixel lens, the model becomes one of the most practical of the market.

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Further, the Panasonic LUMIX TZ20 includes a touch screen that incorporates the technologies Touch Zoom, Touch Auto Focus (AF), Touch Shutter and Touch Playback. It also enables 16X use video to capture video.