Athena Fit, we analyzed this intelligent and complete scale of SPC

SPC is a firm with which we are constantly collaborating to be able to test your products and obviously to make exhaustive analyzes of them and thus be able to show it to all of you. On this occasion SPC is taking an important turn towards the IoT and above all home automation, we are going there with the first of the products that we are going to analyze in the coming days.

We have in our hands the Athena Fit of SPC, a new intelligent scale with many capacities, stay to discover our in-depth analysis. As always, we will tell you the best and worst of this product so you can consider your purchase.

We have in our hands the Athena Fit of SPC, a new intelligent scale with many capacities, stay to discover our in-depth analysis

In this case we are going to judge not only its physical section, something sovereignly important in a product of continued use such as a scale, but we will also take into account the rest of the details for daily use as the integrated software of SPC that includes the same, the configuration section and absolutely everything you need to know about a product with these characteristics. We go there with the analysis so you do not miss anything, however, first we leave you THIS LINK of purchase so you can get a unit at the best price.

Design and construction materials

Well, we find a scale that is built in its upper part of tempered glass with a white layer to make it look of the aforementioned color, with rounded corners and a rather thick glass that sincerely brings peace of mind. In the lower part we have totally black plastic and four legs that are slightly adjustable, this means that thanks to these four supports the scale is going to keep in good position independently of the imperfections of the floor on which we place it, and this is quite important when using a scale accurately.

It has a total size of 300 x 300 x 26 millimeters for a total weight of 1.7 kilograms, it is not large, but rather we would say that it has the standard size for a scale, in fact it is not high considering the technology that It houses inside. It has four metal zones in charge of measuring the rest of the data and for its operation it will need three AAA batteries that are not included in the package. The packaging is quite good, the scale arrives well protected and is easy to transport thanks to its handle, so I recommend not to get rid of the package in the first days of use. It should be noted that we will be able to acquire it in both white and black, but I sincerely recommend it in white.

Measurement capabilities

It is an intelligent scale, so we can understand that it is able to take into account more parameters than usual on a scale, right? This is all we can see in the SPC IoT application once we have synchronized our Athena Fit:

Total weight
Body fat
Water content in the body
Body Mass Index
Basal metabolism
Protein in the body
Skeletal muscle
Bone mass
Volume of fat in the body
Defatted body weight
Muscle volume
Degree of fat viceral
Muscular control
Fat control
Age and body condition according to measures

With the analysis of these data and through the SPC IoT application we will be able to generate statistics and graphs of weekly, monthly and annual trends. These graphics are quite easy to understand through the application, although for my taste they give too much information, let’s be honest, most of us are just going to focus on a few of those fifteen parameters that the SPC Athena Fit is capable of measuring, right? Maybe this is when we start thinking that this scale is more than a simple weight, it is an ideal complement for people who play sports regularly.

Featured features

The scale has an unlimited number of users, that is, within the SPC IoT application that as you know is interconnected in the cloud with the different devices, we will be able to register different users for the scale and this is how we will save a historical data for each of the users and for each of the measurement parameters, this is very interesting, the scale will identify the user automatically and send the record that we can see in the SPC IoT application the information automatically just after weighing us, could it be easier?

The scale has a measuring range ranging from 5 to 180 Kg, but it should be noted that we will also be able to measure the result of the measurements in pounds. This scale to operate takes advantage of the typical wireless characteristics of this type of products, the Bluetooth and the WiFi network of 2.4 GHz. We have a LED panel on the front where we will be able to see mainly our weight, but also the connections of the weighing machine.

Configuration and editor’s opinion

To configure it, we will just insert the batteries in the scale and we will press the button on the bottom until the symbol of the WiFi parapadee quickly. Then we will open the SPC IoT (Android) application ( iOS ) that we download for free, select the scale and the connection will be made automatically. The scale will be unified with the rest of the SPC products that we have connected and with which we will be able to interact quickly.


The design and materials are taken care of, they look good in the bathroom
The price is moderate taking into account everything that offers
The SPC IoT application is well integrated
Gives a lot of information that is easy to read


Maybe using lithium batteries would not have been a bad idea
It is not compatible with 5 GHz networks, important to configure it
At the time of configuring it sometimes gives problems, it is solved with a reset

SPC is working hard and its strong point is the management of everything through the SPC IoT application that is getting good scores in the App Store thanks to its performance. SPC products are usually democratic in price and that shows. Few scales you will find for only 39.99 euros at home that are capable of providing such a complete service, design and materials accompany, so I have no choice but to say that if you are thinking of buying a product of these characteristics, the SPC Athena Fit is a clear competitor.


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