Asus Transformer AiO: The world’s largest tablet

It was made by Asus and it is a desktop computer with large screen that addition extract transform into a tablet, it changes its Windows 8 to Android 4.0 operating system. It is one of the creations can be seen at Computex technology fair, the largest in Asia, where the Taiwanese did not want to be of the most talked about.

The world’s largest tablet Transformer AiO

The world’s largest tablet (so called from Asus) is called Transformer AiO. It is a desktop computer such as all in one with a huge screen of 18.4 inches. When in PC mode works with Windows 8 (will be available starting next fall) and extract the base becomes an Android 4.0 tablet OS, the world’s largest, also the company said.

This invention is impractical to carry back and forth, especially by the size and weight (very high). However, it is intended for use in the home or office to office or office move from the couch or bed with no problems. Johney Shih, the chairman of Asus, said he was very pleased with this creation and during the presentation, but missed the demo software could then solve.

The world’s largest tablet Transformer AiO

The tablet-computer is one of many innovative concepts that can be known at Computex. Notably, Asus also launched the Taichi, a super thin computer, which is included within the range of ultrabooks, double screen of 11.6 and 13.3 inches and Windows 8.

The transformer book, meanwhile, is another very thin device Asus with Intel i7 and screen that separates the keyboard to become a tablet with all the power of a computer.

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