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Apple’s 5G modems could be manufactured by Qualcomm

Apple is one of the largest companies currently in terms of smartphones and because of this makes us put our eyes on anything that comes to light. The current problem for the company is that we all think that both Samsung and Huawei have started to take the lead in terms of innovation that is phone with 5G modems.

Proof of this is that a few days ago it was learned that Apple had not secured the provider that would be responsible for manufacturing the modems related to the new 5G network, which did not look good at all because Apple can not afford to arrive so late to this tendency being a company of such caliber.

5G technology is practically here as we saw in the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona

It was known that Intel would be in charge of the work, but recently they said they could not deliver on time by the middle of this year. Now the option by which to opt, according to the Nikkei medium , is the use of Snapdragon X50 modems. This is very interesting because as you know, Apple and Qualcomm were immersed in legal disputes due to patent violations.

Now that the demand is resolved and with a payment by Apple of 7.5 billion dollars for royalties to Qualcomm , they would be ready to include 5G technology in the new iPhone, although these would arrive until 2020 due to lack of time.

What do you think about this move from Apple? Do you think it will be too late for the 5G network? I think it will not affect you too much since it will come at a point where this type of network will be mostly established in various regions of the world.

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