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Apple launches two new beta OS for developers

Apple has just released the two new beta of watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2 for developers. While yesterday afternoon came the versions for macOS Sierra and iOS, this afternoon has been the turn to Apple Watch and Apple TV. In this case and the same thing that has happened with the versions of yesterday of the rest of systems, the news are rather scarce and the boys of Cupertino focus directly on the improvements of security and stability of the system.

Surely this coming week will have the final version of these versions, at least that’s what we believe after previous beta versions 6. It is logical to think that Apple officially launches in 7 days, but you have to be cautious with these forecasts although there are too many versions already and plays the final.

In this beta 6 we continue with the improvements implemented in the first version

In this beta 6 we continue with the improvements implemented in the first version, the Theater Mode for Apple Watch and the innovations in the Apple TV for the United States with support for the framework of Video Toolbox. In fact they are little highlights – although they are important – and especially in the case of the TV that we will not get to use it if want. On the other hand we are waiting for the beta versions for users who are enrolled in the public beta program, but surely today will be available to all if they have not been released while writing this article.

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