The most anticipated gadgets of 2014

It’s over a year full of technological innovations, but even 2014 points even higher. During the past year there have been a number of rumors going about devices that come in this and today we make a collection of the best gadgets we can expect. Since Apple smart watch until Google Glass, through alleged by computer or smart clothing.

Google Glass

Virtually there was no week did not talk about them and that is one of the most beloved and anticipated gadgets for 2014. Within a few months will go on sale for everyone, something that surely revolutionize the way we communicate and enjoy our surroundings. Although there are already some interesting alternatives, Google smart glasses are unique and pretty original.

Apple iWatch is the most anticipated smartwatch

Oculus Rift

It can become a revolution for gaming and digital entertainment. These virtual reality goggles allow dive into the video game world, taking part of it and truly becoming the protagonists. Many users have tried and fairs or even been able to have the model developer in his hands and, of course, is one of the gadgets that will succeed this year when it reaches the market.

Smartclothes devices and wearable

The wearable technology still has a long road ahead but we can already see some of the most incredible advances, particularly in relation to monitoring activity and even in the world of medicine. With a sporty or smart shirts we can know any biometric signal of our body when combined with a smartphone. The year 2014 is undoubtedly the best example of this type of clothing. In addition, one of the most promising gadgets Smart Ring is a ring that will control almost anything.


Although this is more of a rumor than a real product, the Apple iWatch is the most anticipated smartwatch. This mysterious watch that could have intelligent aluminum body and flexible AMOLED screen has not yet been allowed to see but I’m sure Apple is already preparing something. How can it be that one of the most important companies in the world still does not have in its catalog one of these gadgets?

Curved and flexible TVs

Curved screens are already being seen during the past year, but surely we will see that during this more often. This curvature allows the image to see more quality from any angle. In addition, it could point to be flexible, further enhancing their capabilities.


Although I have long been among us, the recent changes have made these devices gradually into one of the most desired gadgets become. The platform with the Google Chrome OS has improved a lot, something they want to show increasing sales during 2014 in an incredible way.


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