Android vs Windows Phone vs iOS mobile platforms

It’s no secret that Android is one of the most popular mobile platforms and valued by users. The green robot operating system is present in many smartphones and tablets and it is no coincidence that many manufacturers choose this platform for their devices. Android offers many advantages but especially notable because it is a free system. The user can customize the system to their taste thanks to the huge catalog of applications available on Google Play, the official store of the brand.

The most direct competitor is iOS Android, the operating system of the iPhone

The success of this platform is growing. A few days ago, during the launch event of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the company announced that in 2012 reached a whopping 400 million Android devices worldwide. According to Google, currently the average daily activations is around one million terminals, a staggering figure. This translates into no less than twelve activations per second.

The growth of the platform will not only increase exponentially and if this rate continues, in a not too distant future could double this figure. In 2011 amounted to 100 million devices and only a year later the figure has quadrupled reaching 400 million.

The most direct competitor of Android is iOS, the operating system of the iPhone. According to a study conducted last May between the two platforms share the 82% of the market share of smartphones. However, the study revealed that during the first quarter of 2012 there were more sales of Android devices, namely 59% versus 23% of Apple. Windows Phone also is growing considerably, but is still very far from these two giants of mobile platforms, although in some years could get a better position and become a dangerous competitor.

Android plays with a certain advantage over Apple, and its platform is present in a greater variety of devices also cover different ranges. Meanwhile Apple has fewer models available and its price is generally higher than most Android, for this reason not suitable for all customers.

Android growth seems unstoppable, according to analysts at Ovum agency’s mobile platform Google will continue to increase its market share and dominate the market for smartphones in the coming years ahead of other systems. Samsung is one of the companies that have chosen by Android and, considering that recently has been hailed as the largest phone maker in the world, is responsible for much of his success. HTC, Motorola or Sony are other brands that have this system in smartphones its catalog. Google has made its mobile operating system reaches the top and it looks like it will continue climbing the ladder in the coming years.


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