Android Security: 20,000 apps for malware in the last three months

One of the dangers lurking on Android since it is experiencing an increase so “busy” users of the platform is malware: it is well known that developers of malicious tools (Ignore conspiracies that include antivirus companies today) seek to attack as many users as possible (for example, Windows has more malware because the vast majority of users use it).

Protect your Android from unauthorized access with a security method

We have two news related to the field of security in Android: the first part is a drastic increase of Malware on Android in a very short period of time. The second story, but not least, is that a Microsoft engineer specializing in Spam has found a network of Android devices “zombie” (that is when a device is remotely controlled via malware to perform actions like spamming ) organization, which can be disturbing.

Let’s start with the first news: According to Trend Micro, in the last quarter have been created around 20,000 malicious applications. It is a very significant amount compared with 5,000 the previous quarter, and most intriguing is that 10,000 of the 20,000 applications were created in the last month. In addition 17 of these apps filters passed Play Store and got to be published, accumulating more than 700,000 downloads in total.

In the video (Which reminds me too much to The Rules of the Game, personally) simulating a situation of industrial espionage in a work environment that, although it may be too exaggerated and manipulated, it is feasible. There is a phrase in which the engineer is absolutely right: you are the first cause that comes to your Android malware.

More and more people are what I call the procedure Windows: give everything you see “OK” without worrying about what actions are confirming. They are also users who download applications and repositories rather dubious sources, along with the most abundant and which fall within the first group do not spend even a second to check the permissions that the application requests. No doubt this type of behavior are most facilitate the entry of malware.

We continue with the second story, a Microsoft engineer who specializes in technology to combat spam or junk mail has identified a global network of Android devices “Zombies”, which send spam to addresses worldwide. It has managed to keep track of this network by the firm that included the topics: Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android. Engineer in his own words:
“I bet those mobile users downloaded some application malignant to avoid paying for the legitimate version of the application, but got more than they expected.”

We return to the previous point, namely the download and install applications from sources and repositories with dubious reputation.

And how you can protect yourself from all these? Here are a few tips that will help to protect you, it is worth remembering:

  • Protect your Android from unauthorized access with a security method as Face Unlock, unlock pattern or password.
  • Download applications from the official channels and contrasted, like Play or Amazon Store AppStore.
  • What reputation does the developer? What about the application? Check this before downloading any app.
  • Important: see the permissions for each application twice before installing, and if you are unsure do not install it. It is unreasonable for a game we ask permission to access services for which you have to pay, for example.
  • A security suite is optional: depends on each user (I do not like, for example)
  • And most important of all: Common Sense. This does not need more security measures.


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