Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, the e-book reader with more resolution

Amazon has decided to renew its catalog. It has presented a new tablet and a substitute for the world famous eBook reader with new Kindle Paperwhite with improved screen resolution and backlight. Until now, it necessary turn on the light in the room to read, but it seems that Amazon has rethought and decided backlit screen.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, the e-book reader with more resolution

The screen resolution of Amazon Kindle has grown by 62%, reaching a density of 212 pixels per inch. Due to this, the characters should appear sharper, so the reading should be less tiring for the eyes. In theory, the dim backlight should favor the view also suffer less after spending a long time looking at the screen. It has also increased by 25% the contrast of the screen helping to more easily distinguish one character from another.

The new ebook reader is a bit lighter and thinner than its predecessor. It has just 9.1 millimeters thick and weighs 213 grams. These reader surprised by its lightness, because at first glance seem to have that much more though. With these dimensions and weight of the new Paperwhite further focuses on portability. With its small size and light weight so it is very convenient to take it anywhere in a backpack, briefcase, or even a pocket a little big.

They also claim to have improved the battery performance. This is one of the most successful e-books: the battery last so surprising when finished. The e-books have revolutionized the book market worldwide. The possibility of having an almost infinite library with a single (and small device) appeals to many. However, some regular users of paper books is very difficult to take the step of switching to e-book. Its use also scares traditional booksellers, who see their paper book sales have fallen 40% since the start of the crisis.

However e-books have not stopped growing, flagged Amazon Kindle, they have built a very efficient business model: not only sell books in digital format, but your e-book is the best known of all. In any case, the emergence of digital books has not only favored Amazon. Many writers have been unknown or first-time editing his first works in digital format, as it is much cheaper than a conventional roll.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite will be sold in the United States on October 1 in two versions, one with WiFi and one with 3G. The price of the first amount to $ 120 (95 euros), while it has an Internet connection anywhere will cost $ 180 (142 euros).


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