Amazon is developing New smartphone to compete with iPhone 5

The forecasts are committed in October as the month of presentation and launch of the iPhone 5, the next touch phone from Apple. By then, the market will be drawn on not a few willing to give shade devices. The Galaxy Samsung S3 is on the right track, and no less effective expects to Galaxy Note 2.

Amazon is developing New smartphone to compete with iPhone 5

However, try to attack other devices with different strategies to the power or innovation of these two terminals. And is that following a line similar to that already demonstrated with the Kindle Fire, Amazon seems that the U.S. could wield a new argument against Apple, but in this case, entering fully into the field of mobile.

Foxconn, which is also responsible for manufacturing the Apple phones and tablets, has said it is making a smartphone running account of Amazon. Not too many details about the device, with the only exception that will fit into the philosophy and developed by the Kindle Fire. This is an economical terminal that plays combine some of the most recent advances in this field in order to be competitive seducing the customers pocket.

Unfortunately, it is unknown what would be the remaining arguments, and even do not know exactly what price would reach the device “Kindle Phone” on the market. The tablet which the company has already provided in the market spends a seven-inch screen, like seven inches have the terminal that will renew the current Kindle Fire, as it has been raised from the recent rumors, which place the premiere of the new tablet on the last day of this July, with a view to opening in the commercial career of the device for August 7. As such, given that from Foxconn and ensure that your work in the Amazon, it could be that the presentation of July 31 were left bare the mobile with which Amazon would enter the market of smart phone.

Thus, the company that manages the famous online store would join a strategy that also wants to pass the South Korea’s Samsung, which responds to the need to anticipate the presentation of the iPhone 5. In the case of the Asia company, the answer would be Preventive Galaxy Note 2, the second generation phone that crossed the concepts of smart phone and tablet and that this time would develop a Super HD AMOLED panel of no less than 5.5 inches. There are not too accurate data with which to describe the functions and features that will have the next Samsung large format phone, although the pools betting on native presence of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the latest operating system from Google.


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