All-in-one MSI AG2712: A Powerful Device To Focus On Video Games

They call MSI AG2712 and is an All-in-one, a device in which all hardware is integrated behind the screen. A priori you can think that store characteristics somewhat limited – due to space – but MSI wants to break a lance for these computers and are looking to vastly improve its characteristics. Is it enough for video games?

MSI AG2712 and is an All-in-one, a device in which all hardware is integrated behind the screen

AiO MSI AG2712 is a 27-inch touch and resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels which includes portable hardware rather important: Intel Core i7-3630QM (2.4 GHz Quad-Core with Turbo up to 3.4) and graphics NVidia GTX 670MX, of the most potent. In Memory RAM includes only 4 GB DDR3, and while this figure is expandable to 16 GB may well having added more factory.

The rest of the device is very conventional: Wifi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 and others. Storage is based on a traditional hard drive 7200 rpm and 1TB of capacity, but also offer an optional one SSD of 128 GB. In short yes, it is true that they are good features , and even guide a AiO games is something very daring (the end of the day is a laptop with its features, but in a desktop housing) must recognize that its power is more than acceptable.

Unfortunately we have the price of MSI AG2712 to add some more information. What you do has confirmed MSI is to begin selling in late April, which in no more than a couple of weeks you should know the final figure. One thing: I would not expect anything less, of course.


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