Alarm Axbo

Alarm Axbo

People go through different cycles of sleep each night, alternating phases where deep and some lighter, that is something that is fully proven by science and as a result and especially the alarm Axbo will arise with all the energy and completely rested.

According to several scientific studies have shown that sleep stage from which we wake up has a special effect on our well-being the next morning. With this revolutionary clock, which applies several recent discoveries, we can stand up much better than we do normally.

Thanks to a sensor integrated into a comfortable wristband that have to put in lying and which detect the movements of our body and certain biorhythms, tells the clock when we awaken within 30 minutes before the set alarm time.

We only have to set the alarm at the usual time, for example at 8 am. Axbo The alarm will wake up before 08:00, when the system determines that it is the right time. Strange invention!

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