The Speakerbook: how to camouflage speakers and amplifier in the home library

There are audio pleasing to see, especially when placed in contexts sufficiently hi-tech, and there are others that could definitely be out of tune with the rest of the environment in which they are located, for example if you are… Continue Reading

New artistic pattern for Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series

Microsoft comes back again to expand the range of patterns available for her small travel mouse, the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series. This time it is a series of six special pattern, commissioned six artists from different parts of… Continue Reading

J Nokia Headset, Bluetooth Headset minimal

Nokia has officially launched its new Bluetooth headset, called simply J, to intuitively draw its shape, which has already led to several new headset to win design awards (Red Dot Design Winner 2011, iF Product Design Award 2011 and International… Continue Reading

Finger-nose Stylus: Use the touch screen nose!

Who has not wanted to use your smartphone touschscreen during a relaxing soak in the tub? I tried it myself, not being able to give up a game of Dead Rising on my iPhone. Of course, the risk is big:… Continue Reading

Parrot Asteroid’s Car radio connected to the web with GPS and Android applications

Parrot Asteroid in Italy presented a new car radio with 3.2 inch screen, leaving the traditional patterns by connecting to the Internet. Thanks to the Android operating system, Asteroid includes a GPS module and is connected via key 3G (sold… Continue Reading