A watch as James Bond

spy watch
If you’ve always loved all the paraphernalia that surrounds the world of spies, at least those we know from the big screen, this gadget will be quite interesting and who knows if someday you can give the same usage as James Bond for example …

This is a spy watch with the functions of an ordinary clock but with a couple more additions which is what makes it so special. Allows you to record video and take photos with your camera that is hidden in 2 of the sphere.

Apart from this little camera only you will know that also features microphone and an LED indicator that will reveal the battery’s left. Video quality is good enough for the size of your camera and thanks to its battery can use the full potential of the clock for two hours and keep that information in its 2 GB storage capacity.

Then just connect the USB cable and download that includes all data on your computer and save all those data that you’ve done. Its price 131 euros and works with both Windows and Mac.


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