3D printer from Cube 3

The company 3D Systems Launches New 3D printer that seduces us when we know that we can print from mobile devices and get it for less than $ 1,000. The letter could not be better, the Cube 3 is one of the best home printers that are on today and it can get settled into your room, now comes a more compact new design and larger functions security so as to avoid accidents.

Cube 3 home 3D printer allow you to print objects of different colors

To control the printer, only manipulate a touchscreen which has also been modified, being more intuitive and easy to use. LED lights let you know how it goes the state of the printing process and allow you to have free WiFi and Bluetooth allowing printing directly from your Smartphone working with iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

This Cube 3 home 3D printer will allow you to print objects of different colors and up to two types of materials (ABS and PLA), available with a range of up to 25 cartridges and each suffice to carry up to 14 objects. For its part, the dimensions of the objects may not exceed 152mm x 152mm x 152 mm.


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