3D experience with 4k technology in televisions

Full HD has been in the eyes of the fans of this world a real revolution, all with great quality in the most minute details and when letting ourselves be wrapped by the 3D experience
The evolutionary leap from Full HD to Ultra HD on our television screens comes from the revolutionary 4K technology , thanks to which we can experience the most intense experiences every time we contemplate our favorite movie or series. Ready to know what this new technology has to offer?

4K technology, the definition in detail

A remarkable improvement that multiplies by four the one offered by the conventional high definition (HD) and capable of reaching 3840 x 2160 pixels is what is the step to Ultra HD or 4K technology. The integration of this innovation in our televisions is something that the public can already access in its entirety, thanks not only to the fact that the prices of this type of monitors are increasingly cheaper, but also because many households have replaced DTT of always by the optical fiber, support by means of which the corresponding signal can be transmitted.

Faced with the limited influence of 3D TVs due to the high cost of producing content and the incomplete ergonomics of the visualization devices of these media, 4K technology is presented as the main focus of interest of users.

Years ago, the monitors experienced a remarkable development with the appearance of Smart TV, a complete system that allowed us to connect to the Internet as a computer and that the user could watch web pages or videos. However, the new great trend that comes to our room is represented on monitors such as these 75-inch 4k TVs , which bring us a stunning experience that is only comparable to what we can live in movie theaters.

It is true that for a long time the resolution Full HD has been in the eyes of the fans of this world a real revolution, all with great quality in the most minute details and when letting ourselves be wrapped by the 3D experience if we had the adequate technology. But far from this is the 4K, which will allow us to incorporate four times more points per inch to see images with a greater definition.

The mere fact that it is four times bigger means that we will have more pixels per centimeter to see everything with greater clarity and quality than contemplated until now.

Evolution in 4K technology

The most notable difference between Full HD and Ultra HD is the meticulousness of the details. It is possible that at first sight we do not realize it, but very soon we will realize how the most insignificant things like the textures of the dresses, the hair or the petals of a flower are seen with a much more precise quality and clarity.

While the Full HD features 1920 horizontal lines by 1080 vertical lines agglutinating millions of pixels to compose images, the Ultra HD power that number to reach a resolution of 3840 horizontal lines by 2160 vertical lines, which means we can contemplate a much more detailed image with the same screen size.

With all this we mean that the nuances of the images will be more accurately appreciated. Manufacturers have also incorporated leading technologies to innovate their television concept

The TVs that support 4K at this time are, for example, brands such as Samsung or Philips, as well as others of great popularity such as Sonic, Panasonic or LG.

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