3 accessories for the iPhone that will improve your workouts

Much has changed practice in recent years. Now we have all kinds of applications and gadgets without which we are no longer able to practice our favorite sport. If you are an athlete passionate about technology, these three notes compatible with your iPhone gadgets.

The times in which to go running just want good shoes, or play tennis racket have passed into history. Now we have many apps and devices that complement our training.

If anything characterizes the technology is by listening to the needs of the population and improve everything our daily lives. So now we all know how important exercise for a healthy life, new technological advances are designed to improve our user experience in this regard.

Nice accessories for the iPhone that will improve your workouts

1. Adidas miCoach SMART BALL

The Adidas ball helps improve our technique providing information on the power, trajectory, spin and shooting accuracy.

How Come? Through its sensors and a magnetometer that analyze the forces exerted on the ball while moving. Then, thanks to these values ??can determine speed, flexion, the position of the foot-ball impact and trajectory of the shot.

Once you have the data, the ball sends this information via Bluetooth to SMART BALL miCoach app you have to download on any Apple iOS device.

2. Analyzer Zepp Tennis game

This device is an analyzer consisting of an app and a training system with a motion sensor to analyze and improve your skills in playing tennis

Its use is very simple, it is placed in the handle of any racquet and sends all data to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, for a full track the number of right hands, setbacks, services and auction we do in each workout, as well and the power of each stroke or during a match.

In addition, the app Tennis Zepp we can compare and share data with our friends and receive tips that improve our technique.

3. Wahoo Fitness Bike Trainer KICKR

The indoor cycling and not only practiced in the gym or with a specific bike for it. Now we just have to remove the rear wheel of your bicycle and place Wahoo KICKR to enjoy a unique indoor cycling experience.

The wheel design of this system makes it feel very similar to a real class of this type of cycling.

This device connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone accessories for all training details. And for the power measurement as accurate as possible, is made directly from the shaft.


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