Monthly Archive: July 2019

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Bluetooth, a flaw endangers your devices

A Bluetooth vulnerability would allow cybercriminals to track the activity of fitness tracker wearers or use Apple devices Together with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is undoubtedly the best known and most used wireless connection. Now present on any type of device (from smartphones to smart bulbs, via wireless speaker, smartwatch and fitness tracker) it is extremely versatile and allows you to connect two devices without consuming too much energy. Despite the widespread use (or perhaps because of this), it sometimes happens that hackers are able to discover, and exploit for their sinister purposes, the flaws of the Bluetooth firmware . The last...

Wireless mouse and keyboard alarms

Wireless mouse and keyboard alarms: may be hacked

Computer researcher Marcus Mengs has discovered security flaws that affect wireless keyboards and mice and endanger our data If you have a wireless mouse or keyboard then be very careful: they could become the front door for viruses or malware and in a few minutes a hacker could use them to enter your PC and steal all your data , as well as destroy them. The alarm comes from the researcher Marcus Mengs, who explains how the problem lies mainly in some security flaws of the dongle (the small USB key used to send input from mice and keyboards, but...