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2015 is the year of smart wireless headphones for athletes

This new year we release will come loaded with gadgets and apps that will expand the already extensive collection of devices that are familiar sportsmen. The smart headphones also come to stay .

Especially those doing sport outdoors know how uncomfortable it is to have to put the headphones every time you move or fall. Therefore, several developers who last year worked hard to launch a headphone able not only to avoid falling or moving but also to monitor all of our sport .

The Dash, the first to arrive

This project is the big bet of German Bragi by a system much more comfortable and useful to the user wireless audio.

The Dash headphones allow us to listen to music from any devices connected via Bluetooth or even play your favorite songs stored on its 4 GB of internal memory, but not the most notable of this gadget.
The Dash has our steps, cadence, distance, heart rate, oxygen saturation or the energy consumed with this activity
In fact, what makes them even more interesting are features of quantification, that will leave home or quantifying smartwatch bracelet to use only these headphones to monitor our workouts.

The Dash has our steps, cadence, distance, heart rate, oxygen saturation or the energy consumed with this activity. In addition to quantifying we communicate through our performance sound notifications during the year and we can dip them because they are waterproof to one meter deep.

These wireless headphones design with Bluetooth 4.0 connection aptX offer integrated touch controls on the body of the headset itself; touching the left you can change tracks or forward, while the right you can control the volume.

We also have a way of “transparent” listens through which you can play the sounds around us to avoid having to remove the ears when we want to hear what also happens to additional functions to control our physical activity through mobile apps.

Coming soon: Parrot Zik Sport

For its part, Parrot is developing a new model headset that come to us in this 2015 and assumed his foray into the area of sports gadgets.

Parrot Zik Sport , designed by the firm Stark, aspiring to become a real coach capable of monitoring all our physical activity.

Although they are compatible with most smartphones and music devices and has a high audio quality thanks to its 32-bit DSP, these headphones go far beyond simply listening to music.

In the second half of this year we can already get hold of this gadget you are looking to deposit all our devices for athletes in the drawer. Designed with a plastic finish, weight drop from 100 grams and has a battery that allows a range of five hours

To start includes a sensor and a pedometer heart through which we know both our frequency during exercise as steps, distance and calories than we burn.

Through its in-ear biometric sensors and application designed Parrot for these headphones we analyze the style of the corridor, posture, time of contact with the ground, cadence or heave.

Rounding further invention allows listening environment while running using a system of up to 8 microphones. For example, if we practice running in the street, we can simultaneously listen to our favorite music and activate the “street mode” to hear ambient noise.

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