10 best and cheaper sports cameras

Are you already thinking about your Easter or summer holidays? If you are one of those who have been wanting your best moments on the bike, motorcycle, surfing, kite or diving, or simply because you are looking for some pictures of your off days different from the usual ones, We have compiled a list of the 10 best cheap sports cameras you can find on Amazon.

And, although it was the American brand that led the movement of this type of cameras designed to play sports, you do not have to spend a lot of money to have a camera that records well and with maximum quality the moments of action you want to keep for posterity Although there are many with these characteristics on the platform, we have separated the grain from the straw and here you have the most valued by the best ‘judges’: their own buyers.

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1. Victure 1080P

It is one of the most recommended by its legion of enthusiastic buyers. And it is that this Victure connects with the Wifi, records in Full HD and can operate directly from the app you have on your mobile and thus, view, download and share files more easily. Its LCD screen is two inches and the housing is submersible under water up to 30 meters. Its specifications, its two 1050mAh batteries and its more than 22 accessories have made it a favorite of users. It has earned 4.6 stars out of five possible and has 220 customer opinions. Of these, only 11 are not so positive. If you decide on this it is important that you know that it does not come with a built-in memory card.

2. Crossout 4K 16MP

This Crossout brand has Ultra HD 4K resolution and gets to take pictures of 16MP. You can also choose between 1080P or 720P. One of the novelties is that you can take photos and record videos with your remote control option. It comes with two batteries , it has a built-in WiFi connection and it has a self-timer and a waterproof case that allows it to be submerged up to 30 meters. It has a score of 4.5 out of five stars and nothing less than 189 reviews.

3. Ninecube 4K Ultra HD

This model is quite similar to the previous one, although a little higher in price. Submersible up to 30 meters thanks to its protective case, it records professional 4K videos and takes 12MP photos. It has a wireless remote control and can be controlled by an application that you can install. It has 84 reviews and has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Several buyers agree that it is a good camera “in relation quality-price”.

4. Campark X20

It is another of the cheapest sports cameras recommended by users, which have left nothing less than 404 opinions . The resolution of the video is 4K, it has integrated WiFi, a touch screen and a casing that can also be submerged up to 30 meters, like all previous ones. Something sportsmen will appreciate is their electronic image stabilizer and driving mode. Another point in its favor is the adjustable lens angle with three different modes: wide, medium or narrow. It has 4.3 stars and on its hundreds of reviews , in general, its characteristics and quality are praised.

5. Campark X30

The older sister of the Campark X30 is capable of submerging up to 40 meters . Account now, in addition, with an interesting discount of more than 40% . It takes real 4K images at 60 fps and the images can be saved as cinema. It has WiFi connection and has an anti-vibration mode and a wide angle to obtain a wider field of view. In this case, both the housing and the two batteries are included as well as a charger. Something very positive about this camera is that it has a five-star rating , the maximum that products can obtain on this platform. This camera does not have as many reviews as the previous ones but most of them insist that it is better than they expected.

6. Apeman 4K

This model, in addition to having a very tight price, also has a rating of 4.8 out of five. Maybe it has to do with your videos in 4K and your photos with 16MP, your loop recording, time lapse, burst photo or remote control on your wrist. Like its list mates it has built-in WiFi and HDMI output. You can enjoy all water sports as its shell is waterproof up to 30 meters deep. An advantage of the Apeman is that its accessories are compatible for almost all sports cameras. Do not be afraid to run out of battery power because it is equipped with two so you can record up to 180 minutes in total. Amazon Reviews summarizes his experience like this: “After almost a month of use I have decided to share my opinion: Sincerely of all the cameras that I have bought this can be the most complete and economic of all”. For these and some other reason, says that it is “100% recommended.” One of the drawbacks that some users put is the sound, which they only define as “correct”.

7. Chortau 2019

We present to you one of the best rated and most recommended Amazon. This sports camera, with WiFi connection, has a great advantage: it is based on the Sony sensor , which ensures a high quality of 4K video image. The photos have a resolution of 20 MP, which allows to capture rather precise details of the scenes. Includes remote control for remote control (on wrist), two rechargeable batteries, waterproof case for immersion up to 30 meters and a set of accessories, including microphone , which allows it to be mounted on the helmet, bicycle or motorcycle, among other places . It has a rating of 4.5 out of five stars and 68 buyers have left their review.

8. Campark ACT74

This model of Campark has a Sony sensor and allows recording videos to 4K Ultra HD and capture images at 16 MP. It has a wide viewing angle of 170º. We can connect the camera to the phone through WiFi and transfer videos and images with an application. It is also underwater thanks to its special shell.

Record in lapse of time and have a 4X zoom. As a detail it is important that you know that the charger is not included and neither the Micro SD card. Its rating is 4.3 stars but what is more surprising is that it has more than 1,500 comments , an amount well above the average. Most of the positive define it as a camera with good “value for money”. Camera with enough quality. Very light, something that facilitates the use and transport and with enough accessories.

The minority are of negative comments, and in some of them they criticize, for example, that they do not record in 4K quality. One of the buyers , for example, wants to make clear that “for 40 and a few euros, the clique has a pass, but we must bear in mind that we are talking about a camera of € 40 and the quality it gives is that of a camera. digital from 10 years ago “.

9. SJCAM SJ6 Legend

This camera goes up a little more than the previous price of the list, but we must bear in mind that it has earned 4.4 stars. In addition, although it only has 20 ratings, only one is negative, something that must be taken into account. If we talk about its specifications, it supports 4K high definition video, 16MP photos and water resistant up to 30 meters. It has motion detection, WiFi and, of course, also remote control. Its screen is a two-inch touch screen. Although it depends on the sport you practice while recording, your kit contains a large number of accessories. One of its great strengths is the white balance it makes depending on the lighting conditions of the scene.

10. Vemont

Unlike their listing partners, the cheapest of the selected ones have HD quality and not 4K . Still supports 12 MP photos, has a 170 degree wide angle and has HDMI HD output. This only comes equipped with a battery that ensures 80 minutes of recording. Another of its strengths are the complements with which it is accompanied and, of course, that it is resistant to water like the rest of the previous ones. In this case, you can choose between several and fun colors. Its buyers have awarded 4.2 stars and already a large number of comments (more than 100). In general, they talk about good value for money . This is the case of Naty, that in his opinion “has an acceptable quality and includes enough accessories to be able to mount it for example on the bike. Resistant to water and can be connected with the mobile”. There are 20 other people who do not think so well about the result of the camera and in some cases criticize the low quality of image and sound. Despite this, they say they did not expect more for this price.

Our recommendations are based on the average rating of the buyers on Amazon, the reviews of the users themselves and detailed comparisons of the characteristics of the same that we have consulted through different means. Some opinions included in this list may have been edited in order to improve their readability and comprehension.


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